Dog Girl

Okay did I ever tell you that I love dogs? Well I do and I will share a breed with some facts. I have some trading cards from American Girl  that has some cool facts. So lets start!

Old English Sheepdog
Height: 21-24 in
Weight: 65-90 lbs.
Group: Herding
Some Characteristics: Affectionate, Long- Haired;Originally bred in Great Britain 

 This one is short-clipped 

This one is like a marshmallow!

 Okay this is SO cute! I mean come on! Who does not like puppies?

Write You Later,


  1. THay are adorable! My sister had two Lucky & Lucy :)

    I tried to FOLLOW but it said try again later...I will! :)

    1. I am sorry that you could not follow I am working in fixing it
      Very Sorry Libbie


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