Because of a chain

Yesterday me and my brothers and dad went for a bike ride. My brother's chain of his bike came off then fixes it. So far so good. But *sigh* then it happens again but this time my other brother stops in front of me and   BLAM   my wheel goes in his peg thing and I fall...

Now today here I am typ…

camera freak | my jams

So this week went to this HUGE library like I was on cloud nine...
I want to take photos but then I was like... I can scared someone.... still a little sad for getting off cloud nine... wah wah |
But now i want to share my vibes!

one word | addicted
no clue why i like it 

cute video |aka| i love it 

new b…


i feel super slow today. yesterday and today i have had a horrible headache. and have not done a all of blogging so

get creative.

my sketchbook.



New Dress! a long, cute dress. 

so lazy... plus a Late Monday Meal Time~ Pizza Burgers

Sorry for this late Monday meal time. because just being me lazy. but about the pizza burgers... so easy! have fun!
 Sauce the burgers buns 
 cheese it

When done...

Ingredients hamburgers buns pizza sauce shredded mozzarella cheese  and another toppings if wish too
Directions  preheat the oven 425 degre…

a another trip

I went on a another trip today in South Wisconsin. 

  then we went to a poetry garden -sighs- i want to go back...

i hope you had a wonderful day!

happy birthday!

Hallo and yesterday was my sister's birthday and my family went on a road trip to celebrate! and you know me... photos!  downtown
 the river
 just a funky road turn!
So before that... I took some nature photos with my dog!

Yes... this is my backyard or can i say ''jungle'' now the…
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