Aug 29, 2014

Target Goodies

-Well has you can see that this girl went to Target with her mom and went a bit crazy. I love Target and there goodies. I have been trying to save up for room/ bags. But I burn a hole in my wallet and is back to 1. 2. 3. 3$. But this "stuff" is going to come in handy. Me and my sister are moving back up upstairs. Party! and I have been trying to save up for a "remodel". Not paint walls just some new room things to make the room not-dark-and-needs-to-pick-new-colors-not-brown-and-black. So today I just want to show you what I got and that I'm NOT going crazy:)

-First I saw the "Spa Socks". Seriously? They're fuzzy socks Target! Anyway all I need now is my favorite tea. (Snapple-Raspberry-not-diet-Tea) Ah. But not today. This minty-green (favorite color!) socks I'm most likely going to wear everyday. I got the socks because well they're awesome.

 -Paper tape or some other tape but that is what the box said. I got a roll just like a month two weeks which was polka-dots (pink). I love how they have cute cute... things! on the roll. This tape is tape just cute-r. I got this because... Great for adding color to books, journals to hang pictures whatever! Its tape!

- I think I have something for polka-dots? Anyway Its a journal. I can will fill this up in 2 weeks? I know. Crazy. I think I'm going to make this a scrapbook or tumblr book/journal. It looks like fun. *makes a weird smile* I got his because... Its a journal which I can do everything with it. Like fight ninjas or draw silly drawings
of family. Hee.
 -Birthday Party! Ah-No. I know what they're Gift-tags. I'm seeing more diys for gift-tags or how to reuse gift-tags. I'm going to use the gift-tags for bookmarks, tagging something or notes. I got the gift-tags because... Read the last sentence.    
 -Oh and can you guess you show the Lego movie yesterday? Uni-kitty and me did!

-Logging off


Aug 27, 2014

Remember that?

Hello! I have not been blogging for a bit now. Hee... But anyway remember my last post? about haters gonna hate?  Well I make a button for it and if your against bullying and haters then show it somewhere on your blog. 

A Curious Pisces


Aug 24, 2014

Haters gonna hate

Hello Everybody! Today post is about bullies and haters.

I joined this new website called PicCollage. I thought you make collages and share and chat. Right? Like every social media site. But no. PicCollage has haters and bullies everywhere. Pages about people collages everywhere. I'm thinking about leaving. This social media is a mess. But I don't stop there. Two blogs are going to stop posting for a bit. Because of haters and bullies (I'm not going to name the blogs) People are scared.

I'm reading some blogs who are scared of starting high school or middle school because of bullies and haters and because they have been home-schooled there whole life. This is a mess. Our world is turning in to haters. Everywhere. I feel like crying . I'm not getting
hated. People are.

Listen to this song.   
Totally right.  

People are posting this on there PicCollage page to stop chain mail.
If you are getting hated or bullied check out some of this sites.



Aug 21, 2014


Celia's Photo

Hello Hello! Today I have been nominate to do a award! Yay! Big thanks to Celia for nominate me! Celia nominate me for the liebster award. So let's start!

- Post eleven facts about yourself
- Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you
- Create an eleven question set for the next group of nominees
- Choose eleven people to nominate and link them in this post     
- Let your nominees know they've been tagged- and no tag-backs!

Eleven facts about me. This could get a little weird.

1: I have this piece of me that loves to see stars and planets. It's so beautiful. It's called astronomy. 

2: I'm a Entomophobia (fear of insects)

3: I love tea and fuzzy socks. It's called a lazy day.

4: Freckles:)

5: I volunteer for everything. 

6: I'm a brunette. Which means I have brown hair. Which I'm proud of.

7: I'm a unicorn o^o

8: I'm a oldest sister. Which some days I don't want too.

9: I hate myself when I start crying in front of someone.

10: I still use my fingers to count in math.

11: I maybe be quiet, but I have so much on my mind.

The list keeps going. Now lets get to the questions.     

Celia's Questions

1: "Favorite song at the moment?" 
Well... I have so many favorite songs and singers that It's impossible for me. But at the moment it's "All About That Bass".

2: "Rainy days or Sunny days?"
I love when It's rains in the morning then the sun shines out of the clouds in the afternoon. Then rainbow at sunset or evening. But to answer your question I would pick sunny days.

3: "Favorite Sport?" 
Not a sport person. But I have a bit of love for soccer. Because my brother makes me play with him. 

4: "What is reason of your blog name?" (how did you come up with the name, and why is it your name?) 
The reason of blog name is that Curious means that I'm very curious like "Why did the lady didn't buy that shirt?" or "How could that man eat 20 meatballs?" Pisces is my is Zodiac sign. I didn't come up my blog name by myself. My mother, father and brother helped me. (Not really my father his names were a bit weird)

5: "Favorite guy character?"
Oh my word. You want me to pick a guy character? Give me a hour. I don't know. Okay! Robin Hood from Once Upon A Time. ( He's cute!)

6: "Favorite girl character?" 
Its this easier. Snow White from Once Upon A Time.

7: "Favorite color?" (at the moment)      
Minty Green.

8: "What is your favorite dessert?" 
Oh my word. Again.Hardest.Question.In.The.World. Sorry can't pick.

9:  "If you could have one character be real, and you guys where BFFs, which character would you pick, and why?"
I don't understand.

10: "What are you doing right now?"
Typing this.

11: "Which of these questions was your favorite?"
Number 2

Okay! Thanks again Celia for the wonderful questions!

I nominate..
1: Joy
2: Beth
3: Kat
6: Signe
8: SW
9: Bethan

And anybody else! Please leave comment so I can see!

My Questions

1: Favorite Quote?
2: Worst song?
3: Favorite Month?
4: Would you wear black(shirt, pants, socks etc.) for a whole year or white? 
5: Pinterest or YouTube?
6: What is your lucky number?
7:Your sister/brother deletes your posts for next week! You...
8: Do you have your phone?
9: Have you seen a cat on a leash?  
10: Pizza or Tacos? 
11: Do you have a bucket list? 


Aug 19, 2014


Okay I have to do this fast. My laptop is at 7%.  I have nothing to talk on the top off my head. But I have two awards to do sometime this week and my cousins are coming are coming over tomorrow! Yay! So in the meantime  I'm open for button swaps and guest posts (for guest post please sent email) *bottom of the blog*. That's it!


Aug 17, 2014

Hair Drama

I need a haircut. Lets talk hair. When August started I wanted my hair long and let to get grow out. Now I need it cut. 

I started chewing on my hair this week and last. Then my mother said " Stop chewing your hair you will get hairballs in your stomach" Wait... HAIRBALLS? Now I'm a little creep out... * Shouts THANKS MOM! in the kitchen* That's why I want a haircut. What the life I have... * nods*. Now I need your help! Now its time to vote!

This one... I like the bangs and the curl in the back and how its goes on one side (kind-of).  

Great for thick hair but I have thin hair. But on the good side I love the layers and the back length. 

Love the front. The bangs curl a little and I like the length too. But back length?

 This one its short... short short. I like the front bangs they are longer then the back length and it kind-of curls up the a bob in the back.

    The last one... The front side or bangs are longer then the whole hair cut. I like that and its like a bob in the back too.

So vote what you like! 

- xoxo

*These photos are not mine please share with care ^o^*

Aug 15, 2014


15 friends! 15! So today going on the computer *click on blogger dashboard*... then boom there it is the big fifteen. So close to my goal (over here). So today... ah today. Me and my family went Target. Yes I said it Target *starts to daydreams* So in Target I go in my wallet and finds 10 dollars... man! But where do I go? The Bedroom  stuff. I go crazy. Can I get this? This? How about is? Begging my mother for money. But then I see... this (below) 

YES! But then... My mom says "Online may have more sales" And the next thing you know I'm on online on Target. GTG friends (Got to go) My mom is telling me to get my butt off.


Aug 12, 2014


Hellooooo! Feeling a WHOLE lot better today thanks for your nice words:) So anyway...  I have a new poem today. I was writing it in my head while trying to sleep and guess what! Its called sleep!! Crazy right? Anyways lets spread the sleep...

   (via pinterest)


Sun sets and the Moon roses up.
Stars starts to glow.
He starts the gas and we drive.
We drive 
roses in to the air.
He stops.
The stars glow more then before.
He smiles
I smiled
glow to


Short but sweet.


Aug 11, 2014

I'm Dumb?

I hate Grammar. I said it. I hate Grammar

I'm Serious. When I can't spell something I feel like this 

Then the worst part is I judge myself. Like this.

My old friend is spell-check. I spelled one, two... four.
Four words wrong.

I hate myself  I hate Grammar 

Olaf I need you...

Spell You Later,

Aug 10, 2014

liebster award!

Hi Guys today I found out that Elisabeth nominated from the liebster award! thanks Elisabeth! (check out her blog its pretty awesome)  now for the rules...

  • Post eleven facts about yourself
  • Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you
  • Create an eleven question set for the next group of nominees
  • Choose eleven people to nominate and link them in this post
  • Let your nominees know they've been tagged- and no tag-backs!
Okay now for the fun!

eleven facts about June... June S

1 I'm in love (i mean it)with Stitch and Olaf and the unicorn from Despicable Me.
                                      <3 YES IT IS <3

                                        *YES ITS TRUE*
                                 **I'm laughing my head off

2 I love Once Upon A Time! if you did not read the last 49 posts...

3 I have a Spotify

4 umm oh I know I love red velvet! Anything that is red velvet I will eat it.

5 I'm a slow type-er

6 Am I done here?

7 this is not my favorite part of this... 

8 I want to ride horses 

9 olaf?

10 I love to draw!

11 Done?

Yes June  you are done... Oh that is me talking to myself. Why are you still reading this?

Elisabeth Questions

1- What one movie totally deserve a sequel
FROZEN with Elsa and Jack Frost or should I say Mrs. Frost?

2- If you are a superhero, what powers would you have?
Umm maybe ice? I watch Frozen too many times

3-  Favorite TV programs/movies that everyone needs to watch?
OUAT or Once Upon A Time   all the way....

4-  Who are your top 5 fictional role models?
Hold on google-ing fictional... sorry not the top mind here...  Okay I have my answer! 
5- Dory (yes the fish )
4- Olaf (we all know that was coming)
3- Winnie the Pooh 

Ya thats it:(

5 - Would you rather in a freezing cold arctic, or sweltering hot desert? 
freezing cold arctic I do better with snow then heat.

6- Would you rick your life to save a another stranger's life?
Yes I would

7- Favorite place to go?
the library... ah

8-Have you ever been in a food fight and how was the experience like?
No... but I wish! ^0^

9- If you are a ruler of a country, what would you call it?
Umm I would call it Canvas... cool right?

10- Don't understand

11- Which Historical period would you choose to live in? 
Um I would stay with the 2000's sorry! (but not sorry)  

I had SO much fun thanks again Elisabeth! 

So my Nominations are

I can't think of eleven people right now...    
and anybody who wants to do this!

My Questions!

1- What is your favorite singer?
2- What song is stuck in your head?
3- Live in a tree house or a  fancy house by a lake?
4- You won 6 million dollars! What are you going to do with it?
5- Would you live on ice cream or cupcakes?
6- Do you have a pet? What is it?
7- Dream home?
8- Favorite book?
9- Would you save a cat in a fire? Why?
10- Would you shop for a whole day? or play baseball?
11- Would you do this again if it delete?  

Have a Wonderful Day!

Aug 7, 2014

Writing Contest {Jollygirl}

{via pinterest}


my head
my legs 
my eyes
my hip
my fingers
my toes
my arms 
my brain

with a 
wants to


( For JollyGirl Writing Contest check it out here please!) 

Aug 3, 2014


*Time to tell my goals for August *

20 new friends

Find 10 blogs and follow

Enter a contest

Do 5 guest posts 

Try some crafts

Watch TFIOS 

Sew something(s)

Sell cupcakes

go underwater



and last

have a party or ''play date''

hello August