Target Goodies

-Well has you can see that this girl went to Target with her mom and went a bit crazy. I love Target and there goodies. I have been trying to save up for room/ bags. But I burn a hole in my wallet and is back to 1. 2. 3. 3$. But this "stuff" is going to come in handy. Me and my sister ar…

Remember that?

Hello! I have not been blogging for a bit now. Hee... But anyway remember my last post? about haters gonna hate?  Well I make a button for it and if your against bullying and haters then show it somewhere on your blog. 

<div align="center"> <a href="http://weezasjournal.blogs…

Haters gonna hate

Hello Everybody! Today post is about bullies and haters.

I joined this new website called PicCollage. I thought you make collages and share and chat. Right? Like every social media site. But no. PicCollage has haters and bullies everywhere. Pages about people collages everywhere. I'm thinking ab…


Celia's Photo
Hello Hello! Today I have been nominate to do a award! Yay! Big thanks to Celiafor nominate me! Celia nominate me for the liebster award. So let's start!

- Post eleven facts about yourself - Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you - Create an eleven qu…


Okay I have to do this fast. My laptop is at 7%.  I have nothing to talk on the top off my head. But I have two awards to do sometime this week and my cousins are coming are coming over tomorrow! Yay! So in the meantime  I'm open for button swaps and guest posts (for guest post please sent emai…

Hair Drama

I need a haircut. Lets talk hair. When August started I wanted my hair long and let to get grow out. Now I need it cut. 

I started chewing on my hair this week and last. Then my mother said " Stop chewing your hair you will get hairballs in your stomach" Wait... HAIRBALLS? Now I'm a li…


15 friends! 15! So today going on the computer *click on blogger dashboard*... then boom there it is the big fifteen. So close to my goal (over here). So today... ah today. Me and my family went Target. Yes I said it Target *starts to daydreams* So in Target I go in my wallet and finds 10 dollars..…


Hellooooo! Feeling a WHOLE lot better today thanks for your nice words:) So anyway...  I have a new poem today. I was writing it in my head while trying to sleep and guess what! Its called sleep!! Crazy right? Anyways lets spread the sleep...

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Sun sets and the Moon roses up. Stars…

I'm Dumb?

I hate Grammar. I said it. I hate Grammar. 

I'm Serious. When I can't spell something I feel like this 

Then the worst part is I judge myself. Like this.
My old friend is spell-check. I spelled one, two... four. Four words wrong.
I hate myself  I hate Grammar 
Olaf I need you...

Spell You Later, Ju…

liebster award!

Hi Guys today I found out that Elisabeth nominated from the liebster award! thanks Elisabeth! (check out her blog its pretty awesome)  now for the rules...

Post eleven facts about yourselfAnswer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated youCreate an eleven question set for the next g…

Writing Contest {Jollygirl}

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my head turns my legs  strike my eyes flash my hip twist my fingers freeze my toes straighten my arms  sways my brain BURST
with a  delight wants to

( For JollyGirl Writing Contest check it out here please!)


*Time to tell my goals for August *
20 new friends
Find 10 blogs and follow
Enter a contest
Do 5 guest posts 
Try some crafts
Watch TFIOS 
Sew something(s)
Sell cupcakes
go underwater

and last
have a party or ''play date''
hello August

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