Sep 29, 2014


Family - I'm very graceful that I have a positive family. I have a huge family, 4 siblings (1 sister, 3 brothers) and two parents. I got this idea for Chloe, Profiling My Family In Gifs. This post made my day. It will make you laugh. I thought 'I should give this a try' and that is what I'm doing today. I hope you laugh. I did - super hard.


Sep 27, 2014

Morning's Blog Party!

Over at Morning's blog, she is hosting a blog party and a writing contest. Yay! You just have to answer some questions and put her blog party button on your blog.. Easy and fun, join the party!

The Ups and Downs of My Not-So-Average Life

 The blog party will end on October 5th.
+ Post about the blog party on your blog with the button image above, included.
+ Answer these ten questions:

Sep 26, 2014

Homeschooling Diary #SchoolwithJune

Yes, today is a homeschooling diary day. I have been very busy with other posts that I forget about this fun one! So this week my subjects were

1// Astronomy //Stars
2// Grammar //paragraphs everyday and blog posts
3// Language//Sign Language or ASL
4// Math //Packet and work with dad

So four subjects not bad. (See what I did there? Four! I didn't see that! Ha!) Okay, so lets talk school.

Sep 24, 2014

20-Things-You-Might-Not-Know-About-Me // Blog Tag

Hello! Kat tagged me for the 20-Things-You-Might-Not-Know-About-Me Blog Tag, which I'm happy to do! So here are the rules.

1//Copy and paste the questions below, then answer and turn them into a blog post. Or, record a video answering these questions and upload it to your blog post.

Sep 23, 2014

My First Video!?

Yes, yes it is! I'm so happy that's it done and that's it pretty good! It took some time because it was my first time, but it was very easy to catch on! I'm doing a another video sometime soon. So ideas? Oh and if you are wondering it is a craft, it very easy. Also today is cleaning day, yay and I have to make social media buttons! Arg! I keep forgetting!  Anywho have a great day! Map

Sep 22, 2014

The Most Important People You've Met Since You Started Blogging?

This topic was giving on Noor blog. So I wanted to writing about it.

The Most Important People You've Met Since You Started Blogging?

The most important person in the blog-land and the real world, who help me start a blog and tells me to enjoy life is my mother. The one who helps me with blogging, life, taking photos, and cooking. I'm so happy to have her in my life.

Sep 15, 2014

Pen Pal

Hai! So today - well first I was sick - a cold. Ugh! But now I feel much better! So today, I wanted to talk about pen pals.

So "What is a Pen Pal?" Well, a pen pal is someone that you write to. I have one!:) I found a pen pal in a very interesting way. I was home-schooled in 3rd grade and my mother was trying to find me some friends. My mother found someone and make a time to meet at the park. Same age - same town  and same short hair. We had SO much fun! She loves battle stuff, tomboy, and loves dogs. Just like me.

But her dad is in the army. This is not a bad thing, but it is sad to see your friend move. She lived in our town for a bit then moved another town. Then she moved a little farther.  Then a whole new state. So we write letters! Also, I don't call her a "pen pal", She is my BFFL! (Best friend for life)

Sep 11, 2014


No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory Of Time

- Pray for the lost ones and heroes today, 9/11.



Sep 10, 2014

Fruit Fly's?

Ugh Fruit Fly's. Have you heard of this tiny bug that follows EVERYWHERE in your house? Well sadly I have. It all started when my family started I compost.
We have this small bin with a top (thank you people who make is bin) that is in the kitchen. Its was going great all the compost was going to the bin, then gets dumps outside in our woods. But then our tiny neighbors move in, The fruit fly's. Ugh they are SO so annoying!
 Now whenever you going to drop compost in the bin like 20 fruit fly's fly out at your face. Man its so annoying. I just had to drop that off my back. Oh! something homeschooling here, I finish my PowerPoint for Vitamins.
 Its was very griping, I thought it was pretty cool. But I don't think can show you on a post. Ugh. Oh and its has be rain like hours in my town. So yes, my day so far is not ever griping to rad but whatever. 
Oh before I log off here, I have been listen to is song ALL day. Its so good! 

Give me that title, title
Come on give me that title, title
Better give me that title, title
Come on give me that title, title

-Logging Off


Sep 8, 2014

Homeschooling Diary. #SchoolwithJune

Hello and today I'm to start a Homeschooling Diary! So I can tell you guys what I have been doing with homeschooling and tracking some work. So I'm so happy! Also if you have something with homeschooling or just public school just #SchoolwithJune (on this blog) so I can see/read it and may share on my blog! Yay! So just #SchoolwithJune. But back to Homeschooling Diary, today for grammar I wrote a story about my cat and just had to share it with you guys. I'm pretty proud of this piece.

My Brown Fish
Maple comes around me and purrs. He wants my focus on him. Then he hears birds, which makes him dash to the window . Then rolls back over on the sea green carpet right next to me. I pick him up and he try to swim away like a little brown fish, which I'm the jellyfish. Laying on the carpet again, he rolls and try to get my pencil. This is a surprised. He only sleeps! 

I said it too soon. Maple is sound asleep. Sweet dreams.

Also talk to me on Hangouts! I love to talk/chat with other bloggers about blog posts ideas to nice words.

-Logging Off


Sep 5, 2014


Hey! You can see that I gave the blog a bit of a update. With a PANDA. Pretty epic. I love this new update its so simple. Anywho so how is your day? My? slow, slow and slow oh and shopped. But I have some pretty funny photos of my cat but it starts with story. Once Upon a Time (kidding) I got is new pen/laser/light well stole it hee. But I put in the batteries and blam the pen/laser/light works. So I try the laser first and cat starts playing with it. The End.


Have a "Pinkie Day"!


Sep 3, 2014

The New ME!

Hello! Hello! Just got my HAIR-CUT! I'm super happy with the cut! Sorry Got to go!

Idea for my cut!

-Logging Off


Sep 1, 2014


Wow. September is here. Man! But I can't wait for XL sweaters, fuzzy boots, sweats and the colors. Ah... and I'm going to make some goals for this September! Happy Happy! Check out my goals for August.

"Make 20 new friends"- Oh my grapefruit! We are so close but the happy side 19 friends! Wow! *cheesy speech* Who know I was so so awesome?  Thank you for following me! I never thought that I was going to get at this spot! THANK YOU! *Party with pizza!* Kidding.

"Find 10 blogs and follow"- Well that was TOO EASY! I found like 30! I love meeting new bloggers and friends AND blogs! I love reading what other people have to say.

"Enter a contest"- I feel pretty proud. I enter Jollygirl writing contest for her 15 followers (I think). I didn't win but all my congrats to the winners!

"Do 5 guest posts"- Well um didn't FIVE but I did one. I was so busy on my blog that I didn't have time! This "guest post thing" is still pretty new for me. So ya.

"Try some crafts" So for crafts and diys. I found some great crafts. But I gave my own roll with it. A lot All of the crafts that I did was room-crafts.

"Watch TFIOS" Sorry but did not happen! I fell in love with Divergent. Ah. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 2th BOOK! Someone help me.

"Sew something"- I practice some sewing but not a lot. My Grandma is going to help me tomorrow. Yay!

"Sell cupcakes"- But NO. Period.

"Go underwater with a friend"- I'm pretty proud. My cousins helped teach me how to do it and it's awesome to go underwater. I faced my fear! *Party*

"Have a party or play-date"- Play-date with my awesome cousins. 5th graders this year! Yay!

Okay now that I have this done time to tell my goals for September!

Meet a new friend (outside of the computer)  

Watch Divergent!

25 new friends?

Find 20 new blogs

Do 2 guest posts

Do a contest!?

Um have a sleepover!

Last see my old friends again.

Does anyone have "Fancy" stuck in your head! 

Logging Off