Oct 27, 2014

Just a Life Update

Hey! Besides moving and packing, I have an event I would like to share. Saturday was a crazy day. I tricked my cousin into thinking that I saw Bethany Mota. I hope she is reading this post. :)

Saturday, Shake It Off.
Every year my dad's family goes to a corn-maze. It is fun but crowded. My family goes to the get-together after the corn maze. I don't "hang-out" with my dad’s-side cousins because they are older and we have nothing in common. Anyway, my family waited an hour before the get-together started. We rode scooters and I also read part of a book. Then FOUR cars pulled up and the party started, my friends. A zoo of middle- and high-schoolers ran to the door. AH! I went inside then outside then inside then outside then inside and then outside. I was having mixed feelings. I just wanted to have an EMERGENCY DANCE PARTY. I went inside and every room you entered was too LOUD! I found my grandma and she was reading the Giver. We talk about the movie and the book. At night, I went outside and I saw the stars. I, with others, started to count the stars. Peaceful?  No. A small kid said, "WAR"!!!!! , and everyone ran. The small kid had a toy light saber device and started to chase kids saying “I’m Dark Vader, Bahahahaha!” CRAZY! Finally, I went home, yay.

Saturday, Hollywood.

Have a marvelous day. X

- June


  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend. :)


  2. Hahahah That was funny. The funniest part was when she said "I didn't fall for that* maybe lol it's kool" twice and you were like "What are you doing?" hahahahaha I don't know why that's so funny hahahah

  3. This made me laugh :) Sounds like you had a great time :D

    1. Kind-of Angela, but I'm glad that this made you laugh!