Hola! Just a bit of a update. I have been soooo busy and I'm soooo sorry! I have been trying to get posts ready and they are still not done. Also looking for guest bloggers? Sent me an email (bottom of blog). I will try to get in the groove of things. Somethings coming up...

1>> Meet my characters
2>>  Birthday Tag
3>> TV Problems
4>> All thanks to Snickers
5>> Contest... shh!

Talk later!
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  1. These posts sound interesting!

  2. I'm looking forward to your future post! They sound awesome. :) I might send you an email so I could guest post. Has anyone emailed you yet?

    1. Awesome! No-one has emailed me yet, so you could be the first one. Sent me one for more details:)

  3. All of these posts sounds great! And I'll email you, too. :)


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