Nov 5, 2014



November. It's went pretty slow then it went pretty fast. I just love Autumn. It's so beautiful and charming time to take pictures. It's like a dream, but you got raking to to-do. Now it's time to make I list of new, clean goals.

October Goals
1>> 30 Blogger Besties? = 27. Thank you for reading my blog. It's means a whole lot to me. Thank you,
2>> Join a club? = Zero
3>> Read Allegiant? = Just finish it. This book was the second time I cry reading a book. <4.
4>> Started  re-doing my room. = MOVING! Room tour?
5>> Taking more photos? = Yes! 
6>> Writing in my diary? = Wait. What?
7>> Open up to people and tell my story. = Wait. What?  What was I saying?
8>> Drawing more? = A bit more. My mom is super happy that I pick up drawing again
9>> Try yoga? = HA. 
10>> Make more videos? = Trying so hard to get a video done. 

November Goals
1. Work to my goal to NaNoWriMo.
2. Keep drawing.
3. Try saving money.
4. Try some room crafts
5. Fix, clean your bike and riding again.
6. 30 Besties?
7. Start baking again.
8. Meet someone new.
9. Stop eating Halloween candy.
10. Be Brave.


That got pretty serious. Thank you for reading and making me smile! If I was not writing right now I would be watch Dancing with the Stars and playing on my phone 24/7. Thank you. Happy November!

- June


  1. Nooooo. Don't stop eating the candy! Hahah

    1. Ha! It's sitting right next to me, a Kit-Kat. O.O

  2. Lovely goals! I can't eat some candy because of my allergies, but I just ended up trading with my friends so I still have a lot. I also have to sell some chocolate for a fund raiser for the musical I'm in, so its taking all my self control to not by a box for myself! :)

    1. Thanks Amy! If I was allergic to candy, I think it would be the best thing for me! Thanks for sharing! >ㅁ<

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    1. And Happy November to you, Oakstar!

  4. Hi June! You've been featured on BBK:
    BTW, love your goals:) Hope they go well!

    1. Oh My Grapefruit! Thank you Joe! This just made my day, thanks!

  5. Fabulous Blog!! I love that quote so much! I have it on my wall in my bedroom.
    xx Brittany
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