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Bethany Mota Wishlist

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Christmas Haul!

I think that sum's it up.

Christmas Recap

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Ah, Christmas was just perfect, this year. Staying with my family then going to see others. I truly love, Christmas. The taste, the love and the warmth and eating candy for breakfast. I hope you had a safe and warm Christmas. ^-^ 
Today, I'm sharing what my Christmas was like.

Merry Christmas!

Hey Guys!
I hope your having a wonderful day! Merry Christmas! Stay safe and warm! ^.^
xo - June

It's all in German

Hallo Leute ! Es ist alles in der heutigen deutsch. Nur etwas , was ich wollte, ist zu versuchen, und hier bin ich . Wie auch immer, ich hoffe, Ihr genießen Sie Ihren Winterpause . (Wenn Sie eine haben) Ich bin auf der Blog- Reinigung für mein neues Design, sauber und frisch ... Klingt wie mich . I…


Hey Guys! Today, I'm sharing my new about-page. Enjoy! (I'm cleaning up the blog)


It's a very, very CURIOUS and exciting today! It's time to say the winners! First, I would like to thank you to all who entered. It's was a hard choice, many thanks! Now, *eek!* the winners!

Six Words Story #4


FYI- Contest


The contest has ended. It's ended at 8am (CST) If your like "Man! I miss it, oh well" I may give you the rest of this day, December Friday, 19, 2014. BUT FIRST EMAIL ME! The gals who are in my contest are...





pineapple power


Another Enchanted Land- Winter Writing Contest


Six Word Story #3

YouTube Rewind 2014


The Countdown to 2015 Tag


Tree Shopping

(It's been too long! I had writing block)

Me and my family just went tree shopping! The plan was to get a "real" tree, but that just went down the drain. So, "fake" tree this year, but hey! It's Christmas! Anyway, I took hundreds of photos, of people, working on the tree WITH other Christmas things...  *awkward laugh* Okay, lets just get to the point.


Contest Time!

Hey Guys! Today is the day, contest time! I'm celebrating my 100th post, which is today! I never thought that I would make it this far! What a journey I've had. But, I'm not stopping today, folks!


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