Bethany Mota Wishlist

+ I made the collage, but the picture's I used for this collage are not my to call +

In my Christmas Haul, I got a Bethany Mota T-Shirt, I love it so much! Time after time, I found myself on her shop and making wishlist's. I'm sharing my favorites today! (I think my fav is the 1.)

1. Sequin Giraffe Sweatshirt
2. Celestial Graphic Tank
3. Bethany Mota Fragrance
4. Floral Lace Dress
5. Oh Snap! Throw Pillow

(If your wondering who Bethany is, she is youtuber and here is her channel)



  1. Cool Bethany Mota wishlist (she was in the YouTube Rewind Video 2014, right?).
    Emily ^_^

  2. Oh, I love them all! I think that I like number 4 the best, though ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. Love that first jumper!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  4. Cute ideas! I love them all!

  5. you must, must buy bethany's perfume!! it's literally flawless!!!!


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