Blogging tips, with my very mom!?

Today, I'm going to share my tips on blogging, from my journey with blogging.
Hi! My journey with blogging has been pretty darn exciting but, with some virtual bumps. I've learned some pretty major tips with blogging. From, other blogger's, my mom (who is a blogger too) and myself. These tips can be for anyone, newbies or even, seasoned blogger's. I hope you take these tips serious... BOO! (\.-./)

This, this. Blogger's, DON'T BLOG FOR YOUR FOLLOWERS. Blogging is for yourself. To enjoy sharing your life, sharing your outfits, creating stories, etc. Blogging is NOT a race to be the next big star. I, blog for myself. Yeah, it's nice to see people read your thoughts but, that's not the point. Blogging should make you happy.

(Katy Perry is a singer/pop star, not a blogger)
I'm kind-of going back to number 1. Yes, some people live off of blogging, but they started off just like you. The old white, dull, blah blog. All blogger's has been there. People/followers aren't coming in three days, it's going to take time to see the page views go up. But, remember number 1, blog for yourself.

Keep your blog clear from clutter! It good to have stuff on your sidebar but don't over do it! Play around with your blog design, make it you! Make sure everything is in tip-top shape. ^-^

You may get a comment saying this,
"Nice post!
Would you follow my blog by bloglovin/gfc? I'll do the same!
Thanks!" :)

DON'T! Unless, you like the person's blog. Follow for follow will get you a follower, but do they care about your posts? Maybe?! They may just do follow for follow for followers! BLOG FOR YOURSELF!

5. Last, my mother talks about blogging.
(my mother is a pretty big food blogger, I ask her if she had a tip or two)

Write about what you love and be yourself.
Write often.  You don't have to post everyday, but, post somewhat frequently (if you are able).
Photos:  Make sure they are clear and bright.  Also, if you are using a photo that is not yours..always give credit to that person (very important).
Be social! Check out other blogs that interest you and leave a nice, sincere, comment.  It's a great way to meet other blogger's with your niche and they may just return the bloggy love. :)

Thank you mom!

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  1. Your mom is very wise :) (mom's usually are I wonder why's that :P)
    I had those comments I still do sometimes early on I did to be polite and I didn't know if that's the way it worked I was new to blogging :P

    1. Why, thank you Neal! (yeah, I agree)
      Oh, why it's fine if you do the "f4f" thing. Just, the person may not care about your feed/ artwork. If you get another comment like that and not wanting to do it just say, "Thank you! I'm not interested at the moment."
      I hope I helped!
      If you have a another question, just email me at the bottom of the blog, Neal!

    2. I just say thank you and let them be :P
      I know they aren't even going to read my reply :P

    3. Don't feel bad, Neal! You're just trying your best. :)

  2. These are useful tips :)

  3. I totally agree with the blog for yourself tip.
    That's why I like blogging so much. It's so FREEEEE I can't do whatever I want!!

    If you only blog for your followers, it's gets boring and starts feeling like a chore rather than hobby. :)
    Good tips, June (and June's mother!)!

    1. Exactly! Haha, FREEE!
      I guess it can be like that, thank you!

  4. Wise words. Great tips - I really should be writing more often!

    Beth xx

  5. These tips are wonderful! I used to ask for follow for follows and then realized how silly it was ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. Thank you! Don't feel silly, I did it before to and I'm pretty sure that some other blogger's have too!

  6. Quiet a neat post, June! I get a lot of comments that ask for a follow for follow, and when the person does end up following my blog but then unfollows, I end up doing the same. I'm all up for following new blogs, but when people don't respect their ends, then that's when things get tricky.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Why, thanks!
      That's pretty interesting, I hope everything goes fine with your "follow for follows" for the future.

  7. Oh yes! I totally agree with the follow for follow tip. I get really annoyed when I see comments like that. Chances are, if you comment on my blog and I don't recognize you, I'll check your blog out. If I like your blog, I'll follow it! But I might not even bother with your blog if you leave a follow for follow comment. Talk about bad first impressions.

    Great post!

    1. I do something like that too, Sunny! Ha!
      Thank you!

  8. I love these kinds of posts, I can use all the blogging tips I can get! :P Great tips!

    The Life of a Laurel ​​

  9. Neat post ! This is off topic but can you add my new button at ? Thanks !


  10. Thank you for sharing these tips. I agree with you on all of them, and I especially like the one about keeping it clean and blogging for yourself. Blogs are usually for reflection and personal development and it's definitely not a good purpose if it is only for popularity. Blog designs are a great way to give a good first impression too, so keeping the sidebar clean is also a pretty good point to take note of. :)

    The Happy Candle

    1. I agree with your definition, Dain! Thank you!


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