Feb 1, 2015


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Today, I'm going to be sharing my old goals from January and creating new ones!
Hey, hey! It's February! Oh my goodness, yeah! January went by fast, very. I joined so many clubs and groups, I loss track of time! What a way to kick off the new year!  I'm right? Right?

January Goals
1. Read, The Lords Of The Rings and Hobbit.- Ugh, not yet. I think I'll push this off. I know, I'm sorry?
2. Start guesting posting more.- Well, after the whole "let's-change-up-the-whole-blog-name-and-design". I, really don't have time.
3. Keep drawing.- Yes! This has been cha-chang! I hope, I keep up this goal.
4. 44 new friends?- YEAH! Thank you, thank you! 44? That's ASTONISHING! 44 people reading my life, ramblings and just me? I'm speechless.  
5. Start caring more about my skin and health.- That's going on the right track, so far...
6. Keep up with reading.- I read 5 books in January. 
7. Learn guitar.- It's on a start.

February Goals
1. Keep up with yoga.
2. Keep reading.
3. Keep learning guitar.
4. Keep drawing.
5. 48 new buddies?
6. Save up your $.
7. Keep up everything that you can, :)

Song- Maroon 5, Sugar. (the video is truly sweet and amazing, Maroon 5 crashes peoples weddings!)


+ not my to call +

*Virtual Fist Bump*


  1. You haven't read LOTR yet? I thought you were a fan..?
    I am a huge Maroon 5 fan :D

    1. I'm a huge fan! I just haven't read the books, which I'm pushing off for now. I have to start this book soon "Hush, Hush", so yeah.

  2. You did so well on your January goals! I'm sure that you will do even better on your February ones ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. Cool goals! I did a February post yesterday :)

  4. I have tried reading LOTR and The Hobbit many times before, but guess who's continuously failed? I also suppose that I'd like to guest post more, but I totally agree with you that times an issue. For me - keep drawing? Start drawing. Congrats on the 44 new friends! I need to start caring more about my skin and health, but what am i meant to do when shops sell crisps?? i only read ketchup clouds last month... and I used to play guitar.. but then a string broke and I never got back into it...

    Great post!
    Little Moon Elephant

    1. Ha! Thank you! This is all agreeable, Amy.

  5. It's okay if you haven't read LOTR or the Hobbit; I've only read the Hobbit and my friends, who are huge fans of Tolkein's works, are like, "Morning! READ THIS. NOW." I hope you reach your goal of 48 followers!

    xoxo Morning

  6. Yay! Your January goals were wonderful, and your February ones are just as great! I hope you have a brilliant month. (And that you finish LOTR! ;-)) ♥


  7. Hi June, I've seen that video before, it was so adorable and sweet of Maroon 5 to surprise their fans. I did hear that some of those weddings were mock ups and some were real, but it's still a great video. Great that you managed to keep some of your January goals. All the best for your February goals! :)

    1. I heard the same thing! I love the idea and it's sooo sweet! Thank you, the same goes to you!

  8. This is a really cute post, love this :)