Mar 29, 2015


Hello everyone,

Has yet again I've change things up around here. That's just me. I'm not "let's stick with things". Changing things are just something that I do. My feed may be a little different but, nothing huge. Same goes for instagram. Please hold on and join the feed. :)

- June
(a human who likes to keep you on your toes)

Mar 12, 2015

Book review: If I Stay

After sharing my Lately post some bloggers were asking "What's your opinion on If I Stay?" Short rant here: It's took FOREVER to get this book for my local library. There was over ten holds for sure. Anyway, here's my opinion on If I Stay.

Mar 10, 2015

Songs that should be on the radio.

I love Spotify. I love YouTube. I hate the radio. Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry etc. I'm super sick of that. That's why I turn to Spotify and YouTube. In my opinion, these are the songs that should be on the radio or songs that I love at the time. ;)

Mar 6, 2015

Interview with O

Life as a Young Lady
Me and O have been working on an interview together and it's done. I had an amazing time working with her! Everyone together, O is ah amazingggg! Now, let's roll! :)

(Note: the party is on hold for a bit of time, it may come back :)