Apr 25, 2015

common teenage girl tag

hi everybody!

-the Starbucks cup is not mine-
My blogger bestie, Olivia did this tag at her blog and I was tagged. Thank youuuu Olivia, I really wanted to do this tag because... I'm not a common teenage girl and I'm breaking the rules.

*awkward silence*

Apr 23, 2015

life journal 2.

hello everybody!

Life journal time! I'm starting to enjoy these, it's super nice to write all the positive stuff in a week. I tried a video for the week but it was a FAIL. I suck at videos with the making, lighting, editing etc. *coughs*Anyway, let's roll! :)

Apr 21, 2015

here i am!

hey everyone!

Sorry that haven't been active it, like, a week? Gosh. My family computer is not working. To the some flash to going super duper slow. I'll be back with a life journal soon and a tag!


Apr 14, 2015

interview with lily rose

hello everyone!

I'm back with a lovely interview! Lily Rose! Lily is a super sweet blogger and blogs over at One Moment. She is a pretty new blogger but, an amazing one! :) Let's get to it!

Apr 11, 2015

life journal

hello everyone!

I'm back from my blogging break and feeling much better! Yay! I have some ideas for my feed here and today, I'm starting a new series. It's called "life journal". It's about my life (duh). It's like a "lately" post but more in details. Let's get to it!

Apr 4, 2015


hi everyone!

I'm having a bad day today and I'm not going to talk about. I'm was trying to share some music today but spotify is not working and our family computer keeps slowing down or just not working! Ugh. Today is not my day. And on top of that junk, I have no idea what to do here! I'm stuck at a dead end. < writer's block. Oh and I lost my instagram because someone found out my address?!? What the heck! I'm so done today.

Congrats if you read this rant! :(:)