interview: Bryleigh from A Little Yarn Blossom

Bryleigh is one of my good blogger friend, always ready to help with anything. Bryleigh ask me on Twitter (when I had one) if we could to something together and guess what? Here we are. ;)

liebster award!

what up everybody! 
Olivia tagged me for the liebster award, thanks girl! I'm pump up to do this award because Olivia- you make up THE DA BEST QUESTIONS. *starts clapping*

life journal 4.

hello everybody!

Sorry for not being active here! I have been outside playing or just enjoying the weather outside, can't wait for summer! I have a lot coming up in my life soon I thought I would share with you. :)

happy mother's day!

I hope everyone has an amazing mother's day. Spend time today with your dear mother.  Also, OUAT FANDOM. FINALE IS TONIGHT. LET'S DO THIS. *claps hands together*   Sorry.
^ This is my mom's gift (I gave to her) for mother's day. ^ 

xx june

check me out here...

I'm over at my mom's blog with a roundup of salads!  My mom is a food blogger so that the thing with salads. Check it outttt.

life journal 3.

hi everybody!

Sorry for being nonactive here at the old blog. The weekend has been amazing and what I mean by amazing...

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