Jun 11, 2015

compact disc's

I remember when your head caught flame
It kissed your scalp and caressed your brain
[I remember when your head caught flame]
Well you laughed, baby it's okay
It's buzzcut season anyway
[Well you laughed, baby it's okay]

Jun 6, 2015


hello everyone!

This summer is going to be a busy one for me! I'm volunteering at my local library this summer. I'll be helping with our summer reading program. Yay! Also, you may know that I'm home-schooled and this summer... me and my family will be doing more of school in the summer with being my father is home. Yeah! Plus, it's summer! Me and family are gonna have a blast doing... ahhhh... family stuff! What I'm trying to say is...
Blogging may be the last on my summer list. I will be blogging, but not has much. BUT I HAVE OTHER NEWS! I'm changing the way I post. I'll be doing more photography this summer! So less writing and more photos? I guess. ^-^

That's everything! Thanks for reading!

till next time,

Jun 3, 2015

interview: Adaline from Silhouette

I was quite shocked when Adaline ask me to do a interview together. She is MA IDOL PEOPLE. Adaline is an amazing person. Funny, sweet and you will fall in love with her blog. Please, welcome Adaline. ^.^