Nov 21, 2015

I met Marissa Meyer

I met Marissa Meyer. Wow. THAT'S A FIRST.

If you don't know me, I'm a huge fan of The Lunar Chronicles and meeting the author was a dream for me... or should I say... my dream came true? That's right folks, I met Marissa Meyer. No, I didn't pee in my pants or get sick on Marissa (thank god) but I do have a story to tell for you all. It's how I met Marissa Meyer. (who saw that coming???)

It took me and my father 2 hours to get to the signing. I 99% thought that we were going to be late but we got there at 7:05! (the signing started at 7pm) We walked in this gym and saw this: 

Oohhh. Let's turn around and go back to the nice, safe, warm car. NOPE. I'm not going to sick or faint yeah I'M OK. If you can see, Marissa is way way up there in the front talking in that microphone. When we got in there she was talking about how awesome her fans are and the great support blah blah blah. Then, she started tell us about her love for Grimm fairy tales and told us the whole Grimm tale of Snow White! She knew that story like the back of her hand guys. She's quite funny!

I was way in the back so I had to use my zoom for the pictures :(. Next, she finished her wonderful story and took some questions. (someone ask "what's your favorite scene in Winter??? Uhhh spoilers random person!?!) Marissa sat in her "signing booth" and started signing books! They called tickets 1 to 25... I just missed my chance! I was ticket number 26. 

Marissa and her helper.

There's my ticket!
 When the line started getting short... people started joining the line! Me and my father jump in the line before the line got bigger. I saw someone's ticket saying their signing number was 100! People were cutting in the line because the people running the show weren't looking at your ticket! Uhhhh what the heck??? Anyway, I start thinking of something I could to say to Marissa but then.. it was my turn! Here's the "talk" I had with the amazing Marissa Meyer.

Meyer: Hi! How are you? Are you have fun?
Me: *whispers* yes
Meyer: *starts signing my copy of Winter* This is for Anna right?
Me:  *whispers* yes
    Meyer: This is for Anna too?   
Me:  *whispers* yes
Meyer: *signs my copy of Fairest*
Meyer: This is for Anna?
Me:  *whispers* yes
Meyer: *signs my copy of Cress*
Meyer: This is for Anna too?
Me: *whispers* no
Meyer: Okay, who is it for?
Me: *whispers* cassidy
Meyer: How do you spell that?
Me:  *whispers* s-a-s-s
Me: *whispers* I mean...
Me: *whispers* I'm so sorry! I'm just nervous.
Meyer: *small laugh* No it's okay!
Me: *whispers* c-a-s-s-i-d-y
Meyer: That's what I thought! *signs my copy of Scarlet from my cousin Cassidy*
Meyer: Would you like a picture together?
Me: *whispers* yes please

Meyer: Thank you for coming today!
Me: *whispers* thank you so much!

Sooooo yeah! That was my small talk with Marissa! I was so nervous! I was just whispering the whole time. *facepalm* That was it! Me and my father left and got dinner (around 9:30 and it was Wendy's) and went home. I'm so glad that I went and didn't pee in my pants! Yay! XD

How are you guys? Did you ever meet an author and get so nervous? Let's talk about it the comments! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is so exciting!! I've never met an author, but this looks so awesome!
    Grace Anne //

    1. It was Grace Anne! Thanks for stopping by on Annaish. :)

  2. Whoa! That is so awesome! I am a huge fan of Marissa Meyers books and can not wait to get my hands on her latest novel, Winter. I bet you had such a lovely time! <3

    1. It was quite awesome! Winter is absolutely incredible Eve! I hope you enjoy it! :)

  3. Oh, how COOL!!! I am so happy you got to meet her--and a bit envious, I admit. It looks like you had a blast. I was also quite awkward last week when I met Gerard Way (comic book writer, musician, huge inspiration to me). It went okay when I told him his comic was my favorite but then I word vomited and thanked him for drawing a doodle in my FRIEND'S comic... XD But it was still wonderful. (And I love your hair)!

    1. Thank you! I truly did. Wow! That's awesome Erin. Oh no! That's not so bad! Just be glad that you met him! :) Aw, thank you so much! My mom literally brushed my hair like ten times before I went. *awkward laugh* mom? XD

  4. You did it! Good for you. :) I'm so so happy for you, Anna. <3

    PS: That blue streak in your hair = PERFECTION.

  5. I met Marissa Meyer too! I was at the winter book signing in Raleigh! It was so fun. I was cosplaying as queen levana

    1. That's fabulous! Thanks for stopping by! :)