Nov 30, 2015

Let's Recap November

November was a pretty good month for me. I read, cried over Winter, found some mind-blowing fan-art, took pictures and stay far far far away from Christmas music. Yay. Time to recap November! 

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+ I found out that Maggie Stiefvater has a shop. WHAT. *buys everything*
+ J.K Rowling is writing a children book. (aka more Harry Potter... I'm kidding)
+ There's going to be a Hunger Games theme park. WHAT HAPPEN TO KILLING AND DEATH EVERYWHERE. It's the fricking Hunger Games!!! I'm so angry.
+ Alexandra Bracken makes a deal with Disney Publishing. She wrote the series The Darkest Minds which I need to read like ASAP. 
+ A Court Of Thorns and Roses is optioned for film. *whispers* please don't destroy my baby*
+ Here are the trailers for Alice Through the Looking Glass and Allegiant. Both gave me the goosebumps.
+ Brad Pitt and Warner Bros are developing ILLUMINAE for film. Fabulous. 

 Best Book? Winter or Six of Crows. 

Worst Book? Hunted. It wasn't horrible! (no book by Maggie is horrible) Just... not my thing. 

Best Cover? Illuminae or After the Red Rain.

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How was your November? 
Did you enjoyed it or.. not? Let's talk about it!

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  1. WHAT?! A HUNGER GAMES THEME PARK?! I'm not so sure how I feel about that... But...WOW, you read a lot of books. I can hardly squeeze in two or three because of school. I hope you are enjoying The 5th Wave! 💖

    1. Yes... me too Erin. Hahaha! I'm a pretty fast reader so yeah. Thank you!