Jan 31, 2016

Let's Recap January

January was a good month for me. I finished Percy Jackson & The Olympians (!!!) and that's it. January was PERCY JACKSON PERCY JACKSON PERCY JACKSON PERCY JACKSON PERCY JACKS-

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+ *alarm* Raven Cycle Poster! You can buy it here.
+ Got Hotline Bling stuck in your head? Try singing Bookline Bling.
+ Drama is going down about Jennifer Niven's new book, Holding Up The Universe. People think that the synopsis is offensive? Check it out guys!
Ari and Dante are getting a sequel. WAT. I didn't see this coming. OH MY GOD YESSSSS. 


Zoe @ Stories on Stage is pretending to be Erica? Hahaha, I'm kidding. Zoe shared her review on Pretending to be Erica

PERCY JACKSON FAN RIGHT HERE YA'LL. Hahaha, I'm not kidding. I'm obsessed ok Ok OK oK

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  1. Thanks for featuring my post! I just started Dumplin' and I hope it's as good as everyone says it is!

    1. No problem! Have fun reading Dumplin'! I enjoyed it.

  2. How do you manage to read so many books in a month? I'm so jealous! Share with me your magical powers!! I also need to read Percy Jackson. My best friend irl loves them, so I honestly don't know why I haven't read them yet! Hopefully I'll be able to get to them soon!

    Also, thank you for featuring my post! It means a lot ☺
    Denise | The Bibliolater

    1. Hahaha aw thanks! You must read Percy, he's outstanding! Aw, no problem!

  3. First of all, thanks so much for featuring me!!!! ❤ Next, do you have secret magical powers I don't know about? Because that's the only explanation I can think of as to how you read all those books this month... Love ya, Anna! ❤

    1. You are welcome, Erin. Hahaha aw thanks Erin. You're too sweet. <3