May 1, 2016

Why does Anna keep leaving the internet?

My last post was really trashy and I wanted to apologize to my readers. I've left my blog already too many times and I gave you guys really trashy reasons. (???) Nice one Anna. Today's post is filled with sorry's, hugs and reasons why I keep leaving Annaish.

1) Blogger's Block 

me to blogger's block 

Blogger's block is when you have no inspiration (for blogging) and you're in this position:


I've been in this position. I will sit on the computer and try to post something but I end up staring at the computer screen. I can't find my rhythm and when I DO try to post something, my post just sounds and look trashy.

2) Computer screens give me headaches

I've been getting really tired and stressed which leads to headaches and making me nauseous. Computer screens aren't the only thing that are making me nauseous or tired. I've been reading really late, not eating enough food (i think) and just stressed out. I've been needing to step back.

3) School

"hows school anna?"

I am very #blessed to be homeschooled but it's still school guys. I'm going to be a freshman (omg help) this fall and it's going to be big educational step for me. I'm a little stressed out.

How are YOU today? I'm doing better and I'm hoping to have my recap up soon guys. Love you all.
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  1. Aww sorry that you've been having some stress Anna but I'm happy that you're back! Take all the time you need to recuperate!

    1. You're too sweet, Emily! Thank you so much! <3

  2. I'm in the same boat, Anna. Stress (especially about school) is the main reason I have been avoiding blogging lately and also just general business! But it's totally okay to give a break, and you definitely done't need to give a good reason to. We do miss you, though! ♥

    1. You're too kind, Erin. Thank you SO much! :,) I'm wishing you the best with school too! <3

  3. *SENDING BIG HUGS FOR FRESHMAN YEAR* Idk how different it will be from being in a public or private high school, but for me the classes have been quite fun!! There's definitely a larger variety. I wish you all the luck!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. THANK YOU ELLIE I NEEDED THAT HUG. Thanks for the pep talk too. <3