Oct 29, 2016

My 'Maybe' TBR

I totally stole this from Ellie @ On the Other Side of Reality. Ellie, I hope you don't mind! So, after reading Ellie's 'Maybe' TBR post .. I realized that I have some books on my TBR that I'm iffy about reading. I guess I now have a 'maybe' TBR! So without further ado, here are seven books I'm unsure about reading. (with reasons of course)

Slasher Girls & Monster Boys 
by April Genevieve Tucholke


If you couldn't tell, the genre of this book is horror. (i mean look at that title and cover) And I'm hesitant about reading this book because scary things aren't my thing. But everybody loved this book and I guess it wouldn't hurt to step out of my comfort zone once and a while ... MAYBE MENTALLY THO. 

The Thousandth Floor 
by Katharine McGee


Other book bloggers/reviewers are recommending this book to people who loved Gossip Girl, a "futuristic Gossip Girl" they're saying. Well umm hi: I'm Anna and I don't know what Gossip Girl is. It doesn't even sound like my type of book (drama, chick-lit) BUT I REALLY LIKE THAT COVER AND IT'S ALSO MARKED AS SCIENCE FICTION. This book is just all over the place.

The Fever Code 
by James Dashner


So I read the Maze Runner series last year and I really enjoyed it! Then I saw Goodreads promoting this 'Fever Code' and I was "oh it's probably another maze runner pre-sequel whatever" (james dasher wrote like 10 maze runner pre-sequels #notnecessary ??) BUT LO AND BEHOLD ... IT'S NOT? Some sources are calling it book 4 but others are saying it's a pre-sequel. MAZE RUNNER FAM: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?? If The Fever Code is a book 4 then HECK YEAH I'M READING IT but if it isn't .. no thanks? 

The Foxhole Court
 by Nora Sakavic


The Foxhole Court #trilogy is E V E R Y W H E R E. Tumblr edits? Check. Dedicated Instagrams? Check. Headcanons and 'Foxhole Court' cookies? Check. So me being me, I followed this hype like a little puppy and checked out this 'Foxhole Court'. I found out this: + seems like an aggressive book (the atmosphere of the characters seems aggressive I should say) + covers heavy topics like drug addiction, abuse, rape and + seems all together like a heavy/depressing book. Even with all the great things being said about this book, I'm really hesitant about reading it. Reading heavy topics can be a lot for me to take on. 

Holding Up the Universe 
by Jennifer Niven


Oh Jennifer Niven, I loved your book, All the Bright Places. I laughed. I smiled. I understood and I cried. But after reading more and believing in different things; I cried again over you romanticizing metal illnesses. So, tell me, will Holding Up the Universe be different? You and publishing house already had trouble with that synopsis and readers have mixed thoughts about your style of romance and your research with mental illnesses. Trust me, I want to enjoy your story. I want to laugh, smile and understand Holding Up the Universe but I don't want to cry again over you romanticizing metal illnesses.

Stealing Snow 
by Danielle Paige


I loved Danielle Paige's Dorothy Must Die so I was really excited for her new book, Stealing Snow! So I read some reviews from reviewers that I trust and they disliked this book ... like 1 star dislike. I was shocked. What did Danielle do? Apparently a lot. I mean seriously guys: go to Goodreads and search this book. Literally nobody enjoyed Stealing Snow. Just to give you guys a rundown: it's apparently the cheesy of the cheesy YA books ever. And I know these people feel bad reviewing this book because a) they said they felt bad and b) they have noting positive to say about it. Alas, I'm unsure about reading Stealing Snow.

The Graces
 by Laure Eve


The Graces here is having the "respect" as Stealing Snow. Instead of The Graces being cheesy like Stealing Snow, it's the cliché of the cliché YA books ever. But this book is getting more and more positive reviews and there is a best chance of me reading this book than some of the others on this list. 


Enjoying this fine Saturday bookworms? I am ... by blogging. Anywho, did you guys enjoy reading my 'maybe' tbr? Do you have a 'maybe' tbr? Are you unsure about reading any of these books? Let's chat about!

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  1. I don't have a maybe tbr but there are definitely a lot of books of mine that I would label a maybe. I definitely do want to read Holding up the Universe though! A lot of people thought that she romanticized mental illness in ATBP, but idk I just didn't see it that way? Like I didn't really notice that. But I guess that just proves that everyone sees books differently!

    1. That's cool! The first time I read ATBP, I didn't really notice it either. It wasn't until I started reading discussions and reviews about it. I found myself agreeing with those discussions and reviews and I finally made up my opinion about ATBP. Very true, Emily!

  2. I don't think Slasher Girls & Monster Boys was scary (that said I love horror, so maybe not the best person to decide that lol) - some stories were surprisingly gory, though. Anyhow, if you don't mind I'd totally recommend reading it, because it's definitely one of the most well put together anthologies I've ever read. (I've read like 6, but shh)

    The Thousandth Floor is one of my biggest maybes - it looks SO PRETTY, but received such mixed reviews and it sounds drama-filled, which is something my 12-year-old self loved, but my present self doesn't really. Also, if it IS like GG (are you serious you don't know the books and/or show? HOW? lol) it's full of backstabbing, lying and fake people. YAY.

    The Foxhole Court is another huge maybe for me. The hype is CRAZY, but I saw it getting attacked, too. Like, people saying the relationship wasn't healthy etc. and I'm SCARED now, bc I don't want that to be true and then 1) having read a shitty book, 2) don't understand WHY people love it, 3) feel left out. UGH, THE LIFE OF A BOOKWORM IS HARD.

    Okay, so I really didn't like All the Bright Place - DNFed it, tbh - so the only reason I'd read Holding Up the Universe would be to see if it's offensive or not, because not all reviewers agree on it. (That'll never happen, though - I have too many books to read.)

    Great post! :)

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    1. Oh that's good! Thanks for letting me know.

      That cover is downright gorgeous. *heart eyes* Agreed! Haha no .. I really don't know what Gossip Girl is. Haha thanks for filling me in. :D

      Oh much agreed!! It truly is - bookworms have such a hard life.

      Interesting! I'm feeling the same way about Jennifer Niven's books. Thank you so much, Veronika!

  3. I totally had the same fears about Slasher Girls and Monster boys. It wasn't half as bad as I thought though. Some of the stories were certainly REALLY creepy, but I didn't think anything was truly terrifying. (And I'm so squeamish it's not even funny)
    Y'ALL KNOW THE FOXHOLE COURT IS LIKE MY FAVORITE THING. it definitely is very intense and explores a lot of deep topics, but that's what I personally loved about it. There's a few minor problematic things in the first book, but the sequels improve so much upon the story and are the reason I love the series so much. The drugs aren't a super intense theme, and from what I remember, most of the violence is end of book 2/one section in book 3??? (I feel like it's stuff you could totally skim or skip entirely and you'd still be able to follow the story) But I mean, it's all based on your own personal preferences and what you think you can handle. Sometimes popular books just aren't for everyone. (aka: John Green and I just don't get along xD)
    Loved this post Anna! ^-^
    xx a || not gary cooper

    1. Good! I totally thought it was going to be super scary. I DO I DO BUT I'M SUPER HESITANT GIRL. Ok .. thanks for letting me know!! And for understanding. XD Thank you so much, Adaline!

  4. The Foxhole Court is also on my "maybe" tbr. All the aesthetics on tumblr is amazing, but you're right, this book seems really violent and from what I've seen around, it deals with drugs? I'm just not sure it's my type of books... I'm still curious about Holding up the universe and the graces, I really loved AtBP and synopsis for the graces sounds really interesting!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. Yes and yes. I'm super curious about The Graces too. If you read it, let me know about it! ^_^