Mar 11, 2017

I met Brittany Cavallaro

y'all my face was so embarrassing that i don't even want to share it. welp. but brittany looked amazing so i'm doing it for her

During my time off Annaish, I met Brittany Cavallaro, the author of A Study in Charlotte. She went on tour for her second book in the Charlotte Holmes trilogy, The Last of August. I really enjoyed both of the books and said to myself "hey anna listen: you enjoyed her books, the book signing isn't that far, it's at a library and free. treat yo self!!" So I went and I gotta share the details. (and for me to look back at!)

We almost arrived late because the weather was bad but we jjjjuuuussssttt made it. My mom and I (her second book signing!! so proud :,)) attended the signing together. And, when we were waiting to get into the meeting place, this girl, standing next to us, started talking to me. She told me about her experience with the books, her boyfriend, Book Outlet - she was talking to me as if we were best friends. I don't know why but I didn't mind it. I just didn't know what to say back, haha. Anyway, a couple of people showed up. More adults than teens #typical but lots of Sherlock fans (A Study in Charlotte is a Sherlock Holmes retelling, I'll have a review up soon!) came. And there was food (!!!) and people were recording the signing? Like with big cameras and Brittany had a micropho- professional equipment. Never found out why they were recording but hey, was I on your TV? Haha! So then, Brittany started her event.

She did a reading, showed us her amazing book trailers, talked about her writing process and took some questions. Brittany was really cheery and very informative! Her whole reading/talking/sharing/questions thing took a hour. There were some awkward pauses in between questions but the hardcore Sherlock fans just kept firing her Sherlock questions. But, things wrapped up and moved on to the signing. The girl, who had talked to me before, ran up to her immediately so I hung back and got a Post-It note etc etc. I was getting kind of nervous - haha shocker. My mom and I did hop in the line and then it was my turn!

again, too embarrassing to share my face but the guy in the back gjgkfjhfjhkgjh must share

We said our hellos and Brittany begin to sign my book. She noticed that I had the special Target Edition and thanked me. I said that I really wanted it because I really enjoyed A Study in Charlotte and wanted the cool extra stuff. She basically went "aww!! thank you so much!!" and then handed back my book. Then a question popped into my mind. I kind of just blurt out "Uhh so when does the paperback copy come out for The Last of August? She said it will come out when the last book gets released then proceeded to tell me the publisher's schedule. Again, Brittany was so nice and informative! I (kind of) forgot my mom was there with my camera, ready for our picture. Brittany stood up and asked me if she could put her hand on my shoulder, which really surprised to me because no author has asked me that. Even though I said "sure!", I knew some people who wouldn't be comfortable with that and that made me happy that she gave the option and cared. Go Brittany Cavallaro! Anyway, this is where things get awkward.

a test picture but also behind the scenes OooOo

So my mom is taking the picture right? Well, she first had the flash on (which would have blinded Brittany and me - no thanks) and my timer was on. It took (my mom and) me three minutes to get my camera to work. I was like "oh I'm sorry about this!!" and Brittany was laughing and saying "it's ok!". We were huge dorks. Finally the camera worked and we had a picture. And, of course, I looked ridiculous. My face (and hair!!) is screaming so awkward that I'm not even going to share the original picture. :,)

And that was it! My mom and I took some cupcakes and truffles (from the awesome snack bar) and left. Brittany was really nice and I can't wait for her new book!

Hi bookaholics! Have any of you read A Study in Charlotte? Or met Brittany Cavallaro? Do you like Sherlock Holmes retellings? Or the BBC TV show? Let's chat!

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  1. I haven't read her books, but I have a friend who loves them. I'll have to check her books out!

    1. That's cool! Yay, I hope you enjoy them.