Apr 29, 2017

Let's Recap April

Well! April was physically and mentally tiring for me. I didn't have much motivation and I procrastinated a lot. So yeah ... but I have big, fun plans for this summer that I can't wait to share. Let's get a move on.

Apr 24, 2017

OwlCrate Unboxing: April 2017 "Head Over Heels"

For my birthday, my aunt got me a subscription to OwlCrate! I've gotten 3 boxes (so far) but this one (the third box) has to be my favorite. So I thought that I would share my first ever unboxing! I hope you enjoy.

Apr 18, 2017

review: Dreamland Burning by Jennifer Latham

"It was probably quieter a hundred years ago, but that doesn’t necessarily mean better. I understand now that history only moves forward in a straight line when we learn from it. Otherwise it loops past the same mistakes over and over again."
― Jennifer LathamDreamland Burning

Apr 10, 2017

tag: Who Am I?

I wasn't tagged to do this tag but it looked super cool and interesting, so whatever; I'm doing it! I'm such a rebel, haha! Anyway, here's my go at the Who Am I (a question I still ask myself) tag.

Apr 4, 2017

discussion: Bookstores or Libraries?

Ahh the age old discussion: do you prefer bookstores and libraries? I prefer libraries. But bookstores do have their positives. That's why I'm conducting this discussion! I'm going to list the PROS and CONS for both of these bookworm places. And I would love to hear your thoughts on this too.