Apr 4, 2017

discussion: Bookstores or Libraries?

Ahh the age old discussion: do you prefer bookstores and libraries? I prefer libraries. But bookstores do have their positives. That's why I'm conducting this discussion! I'm going to list the PROS and CONS for both of these bookworm places. And I would love to hear your thoughts on this too.

Note: My PROS and CONS on bookstores and libraries come from personal experiences, so we'll most likely have different perspectives on them, which is perfectly okay. Please respect my opinions and others too. I created this discussion for fun and feedback.  So I hope we can accomplish that. Thanks & enjoy!

+ You'll have a better chance of meeting authors there. In my "area", all the big authors go to the biggest bookstore, which is hours away from me. It's a pain but I know why authors get sent there. It's a really big city so more people go. And it's probably easier for publishers. Plus, usually, you need to buy a book to join the signing line so that means, money wise, the bookstore gets something. Libraries wouldn't entice publishers since all the books are free to the public.

+ You can purchase "knick knacks". My local bookstore carries more than books! I could go there and buy cards, gifts, treats, souvenirs etc etc. Bookstores can be the best place to buy local ornaments. And, remember, you're also shopping locally. Which can really help independent bookstores.

+ On top of new releases. New releases are common in bookstores. They could have books, getting published in May, ready in the back. I will find a JUST released book at my bookstore! Easy peasy but libraries? Nah, they could be months behind.

+ Better chance of finding a cafe. I've seen a lot of bookstores having a cafe in the actual bookstore or right next to it. It's a huge plus! And, let's be honest, the aesthetics are very high in bookstores (and cafes).

+ A better variety of books. This fits better with online shopping like Amazon. Amazon has a HUGE variety of books. Textbooks, classics, childen's books, handbooks etc etc. And, now, you can find 'Amazon Books' in actual bookstores (USA). But remember, you can buy/preorder your book on IndieBound. It's a community bookstore site.  You'll be helping your local bookstore without leaving the house!

+ Nothing is free. I mean, I know why haha! But it sucks and, sometimes, things can get super expensive.

+ They aren't very common anymore. Which makes me sad. But it's happening around me. Two well-known bookstores in my area just went out of business. I only have two bookstores really close to me now. More and more people aren't supporting bookstores anymore because we now have Amazon, Book Outlet etc etc. Books are just cheaper and easier to find online.

+ No resources. Bookstores can only supply so much to the community - books and trinkets. Libraries have endless resources! So bookstores are competing so much with other bookstores and the internet and, well, they just don't have enough for everyone.

+ + + + +

+ Everything is free! Probably the best part about libraries. All you need is a library card and you're free to check out anything (except references).

+ Larger selection for everyone. Libraries have wayyy more than books. You can check out dvds, cds, ebooks, audiobooks, video games, magazines, graphic novels etc etc. They're flexible with their limit and items.

+ More resources. Libraries have a lot of things to offer, such as: history records, computers, newpapers, free internet, research support etc etc. Again, flexible for any lifestyle!

+ Activities, classes, clubs are available for all. You can do so much at your local library. To a preschool storytime to a genealogy club - you can join any event at libraries. These activities are for your community and you. So take advantage of these fun events.

+ Community love! Libraries are there for your community. They give a lot to you! And people give back to that. You can donate, support events and maybe even check out a book haha. And you can find a library (pretty much) anywhere. I like to think libraries build on love because they can be one of the most helpful, safest, free, comfortable, lovable buildings ... like ever. And I think that's wonderful. Gosh, I love libraries so much ok?!

+ Nothing is yours. This can be a pain. I've had to deal with overdue books (fines!) and damaged books. Yikes. Plus, I use library books for my photography and don't even get me started with plastic book jackets, barcodes on books ...

+ There can be a limit to resources. Yes, there is a line for libraries. The smaller your city is, the smaller your limit is with resources. And, sometimes, there isn't enough space for comfort or events. It all depends on your library and community.

+ + + + +


I enjoy both of these places! They both support my booknerd needs but libraries are my favorite. I've grow up with libraries always by me and they fit my lifestyle better. I just love the concept of them. <3

Hello bookaholic! Hope you're doing well today. Now, big answer, which do you prefer... bookstores or libraries?! Tell me your thoughts down below.

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  1. I personally like bookstores better, because it's so very fun getting to shop for new books to take home! There's nothing quite like the feeling of holding a book and knowing its pages as yours. Plus, I like highlighting and sticky-noting my books a lot (ESPECIALLY with poetry), and you can't do that with library books. However, my wallet prefers libraries. XD When I buy books, I often spend a long time finding the cheapest copy possible.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. I totally understand that feeling! It's one of the best feelings as a booknerd. <3 Haha, good for you!

  2. I think I like bookstores better, but I visit the library more because I don't have enough money to buy all the books that I want to read. Great post on the pros and cons!

  3. This post made me love libraries AND bookstores so much more. <3

    I agree with you, it all depends on your lifestyle and what fits your needs best. For me, buying my books is better, whether it's online or from a bookstore (the latter is much preferred). Buying books was how I started out with reading and I was so used to it. Recently, however, I decided to try and get books from the library but it just didn't work out for me. I felt the weight of having to purchase my books afterwards because my book collection felt tipsy turvy (if that makes any sense). Plus, I'm terrible with returning things on time. I like the thought of owning all the books I've ever read-- which is getting scary because now I'm running out of room. The downside of it is that you might purchase a book that you dislike and it's just sitting there like an unwanted child (which is really sad, to be honest). I have three books I bought that I don't see myself ever finishing. That's pretty good, though. It means my book buying choices are impeccable. ;)

    So, yeah. Now I just stick to going to bookstores to buy and going to the library to hang out (my library has a fab YA section).

    Wow. My comment is so long, it could have been its own post. o-o Anyways, lovely post. <3 I hope you have a great day!

    xx Mackenzie

    1. Aww thanks!

      I can see where your coming from, Mackenzie. I (sometimes) compare my bookshelf to other people's bookshelves and I feel a bit down because they have SO MANY! But then I remember that I'm still reading and enjoying books. And THAT'S the whole point. <3
      Small tip for you: I like to clean out my bookshelf from time to time and if I see a book that I know I'm not going to read OR disliked it, I donate it! I donate my books to my library/used bookstore. They'll appreciate it very much but I would look ask first before donating.

      Haha, good plan! Thank you!!

  4. Anna! I LOVED THIS. I am also a big lover of libraries. I think they (and books in general) are such an undervalued and underrated part of society and local communities. I guess a big part of that is because people also tend to undervalue reading and books in general. Also I think the biggest downside of libraries is definitely that you can't keep the books. So that's totally a pro for bookstores, but I agree that bookstores don't have as many resources. Plus not everyone (myself included) ) can afford to buy every book they read. Hence, libraries. I do love all the knick knacks sold at bookstores and the cafes, too, though. But both libraries and bookstores have stolen my heart. Awesome post! :D

    1. Erin! THANK YOU! I know right?! Yeah, that's very true. But I'm always broke so :,) Me too and thanks! <3

  5. Libraries are so convenient! I think I prefer them too, the more local the better. I always try and look for a book in our school library before I even begin buying it. But if I want to keep a book, bookdepository.com is like twice as cheaper as stores. Great post! :)

  6. Hmm.. for me I would have to say I prefer bookstores but I definitely use libraries more. Getting a new book is always so lovely and is just one of the best things. However, libraries are just awesome - I mean free books YES PLEASE.

    - www.whatlexieloves.blogspot.com

    1. That's cool! I know right?! I just love libraries.