May 2, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: US vs. UK Covers (Freebie)

The Broke and the Bookish make Tuesday's fun (for bookworms!) with their meme Top Ten Tuesday. 

Today's TTT prompt is a cover theme freebie. I've decided to take advantage and have a cover competition, US vs. UK! I'll be discussing which covers appeal to me the most and if the cover fits with the book. US covers on the left, UK covers on the right. Let's begin!

+ + + + +

Bone Gap
by Laura Ruby

Aannnnddd we're off to a hard start. Both of these covers scream UNIQUE, AESTHETIC to me - I love it! But I haven't read Bone Gap and I feel like the UK cover shows more about the book. The UK cover is also more detailed. The US cover is more bold and intense. Hmm ... I'm going with the UK cover!

by Marissa Meyer

Right off the bat, the UK cover looks like a middle grade novel. The soft, shiny font and that simple illustration look nice! But I've read Heartless and it doesn't fit well for me. The US cover is definitely more darker and straightforward - like the book. Going with the US cover for this one!

The Rest of Us Just Live Here
by Patrick Ness

ALL THIS BLUE AHH IT'S SO PRETTY I LOVE IT. Anyway, I've read The Rest of Us Just Live Here and I'm already leaning towards the US cover. I like the display of the people and the cute lettering. The UK cover gives a more modern, architectural vibe - which doesn't fit the book. I like both styles but the US one works better.

by Stephanie Garber

I actually didn't like Caraval! But the covers are both so gorgeous. For the US cover, I like the red, blue, velvet combination. Although the rich, black, gold combination with the UK cover was a nice move. Both are very eye-catching but I like the swirly US cover better.

by Maggie Stiefvater

Unlike Caraval, I loved Shiver and the covers are pretty cool. The US cover is totally pure, simple and ice blue where the UK cover is dark, gritty and blood red. Honestly the UK cover turns me off because it gives me a horror vibe - Shiver is a paranormal romance haha. The blue, on the US cover, wins me over too! So point goes to US.

Strange the Dreamer
by Laini Taylor

These covers are drop dead gorgeous. Oh my GOSH! I haven't read Strange the Dreamer (yet) but the UK cover is amazing. I love the dark blue and that stunning moth. I'm not really digging the foil, gold and blue look on the US cover. I also do like the fonts on both covers! But the UK cover gets this one.

My Lady Jane 
by Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows

I still haven't read My Lady Jane but the UK cover is looking like a middle grade book. The cartoon-ish characters, cheesy letters - the whole thing is a no for me. The US cover is a little better I guess? The girl on the cover is a little creepy haha. But I like the big, bold letters and that purple/pink filter. US for me!

This Savage Song
by Victoria Schwab

Definitely the US cover. I REALLY dislike the UK cover. The weird, sliver rose, the pointy font, the blah grey background ... no thanks! I love the soft, cursive font and the red violin (!!!) in the US cover. Love it - can't wait to read it.

Radio Silence
by Alice Oseman

Pretty sure I've told you guys this before but! I don't like models/real people on covers. I feel uncomfortable haha. Especially in this case. I feel like the girl on the Radio Silence UK cover is looking into my soul. I do like the raindows tho. But I love the violet sky, night driving vibe in the US cover. AND THE GLOWING LETTERS. Very aesthetic and I feel like it fits better with the book (maybe? I haven't read it).

Carry On
by Rainbow Rowell

New flash - I loved Carry On and I love my OTP Snowbaz!! Now, these covers are very similar but I prefer the US cover. I like it better because it's blown up and the white background looks nicer. Another point to the US.

+ + + + +

8 points to the US covers and 2 to the UK covers. Not really a competition in the end haha but I had a lot of fun with this. Now it's your turn! What covers did you like? US or UK covers? Let's chat about it!

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  1. Great topic choice! When I go to the bookstore, I also tend to choose US cover over the UK. Most of UK covers are just meh to me (sorry!). Strange the Dreamer is a hard one though, both are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I agreed. I know right?! Shoutout to the designers. *heart eyes*

  2. Great topic choice!
    My TTT:

  3. YES CARRY ON I'M CRYING. Everything about that book. I just. The paperback cover is my favorite, though <3 they arted Simon so perfectly.

    I'm going to have to disagree with you on a lot of these, haha! I definitely prefer the Heartless UK cover - maybe that's because the US cover looks a LOT like the UK cover of Prince Lestat by Anne Rice, which is one of my very favorite books. So the Heartless cover doesn't seem that original to me :/ I also prefer the This Savage Song UK cover, though I agree with you on Radio Silence and Strange the Dreamer!

    Awesome take on this week's theme!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. MY FAVE I LOVE CARRY ON SO MUCH. I also love the paperback cover!! The artist totally nailed it.

      Aw haha that's ok! That's true, the Heartless cover isn't that original but I feel like the US cover works better. Yesss I love the vibe with the US Radio Silence cover. My aesthetic!

      Thank you, Ellie!

  4. I'm not voting on them all because so many beautiful covers, but I still love the US cover for Carry On and Bone Gap.

    1. Haha that's understandable! The US cover for Carry On is awesome.

  5. Great choices. I tend to always prefer US covers, which is a pain becuase I live in the UK! Haha!
    Megan @