Let's Recap July

In my area, summer 2017 is slowly coming to a close. Am I ready?! Probably so. I'm excited for the long, fall days and colder weather; but I'll miss the summer nights. Anyway, let's recap July:


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+ Here's a great roundup of 12 indie YA books hitting shelves August to December.

+ 'The Radical Element' (the follow up to 'A Tyranny of Petticoats') finally has a cover and a publishing date! I'm thrilled.

+ The 'Ready Player One' trailer dropped and it looks awesome. I'm more intrigued in the book now.

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The highlight of my July reading month was reading an August arc! But I read only a small stack of books this month. Hopefully, I'll step up my game soon!

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  1. EEEPPP okay can I just say I'm stoked for the Lara Jean movie??? Also THAT BATMAN NOVEL. This month has been a good month, and while July has gone super fast, it means we're months closer to new releases like Warcross and STRANGER THINGS TWO (still can't get enough from that trailer)!

    Also, just a head's up: I'm revealing two things tomorrow! One is a tag idea I've been working on for some time, and the other is an actvitity that the blogging community did last year, so if you'd like to check that out, it'll be up on my blog then! ^.^

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. ME TOO! :D I was shook when I saw the Lara Jean news. YESSS MUCH HYPE FOR STRANGER THINGS TWO!

      I'm checking out the tag and yearbook right now. Thanks for the comment, Abigail!

  2. I don't want summer to end. *cries for days*


    Ahh, the Raven Cycle is going to be a show?! You must be so happy. ^-^ *curses to self for not having had read those yet*

    I hope you have a lovely month! <3

    xx Mackenzie

    1. Same :,) I AMMMMM! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE LARA JEAN ON SCREEN. <3 Ehmnm more nervous than happy I would say. You too, Mackenzie!

  3. Oh my god oh my god I will NEVER get over the fact that The Raven Cycle is BECOMING A TV SHOW. They better not mess it up. I am so PUMPED. Also, as much as I hate summer as a season and love autumn, I do not want summer vacation to end. I mean, I have to apply to colleges, Anna, COLLEGES. The horror. Thanks for mentioning my post, it means a lot (especially since you're one of my favorite bloggers and blogging friends). Happy August!

    1. SAME. Ughmhg colleges- I'm only in my early years of high school and people keep asking me about colleges. Talk about stress!! But good luck with your college applications. :D No problem! <3 You too.


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