the five (awesome) books that introduced me to the lgbtq+ community!

I've had my fair share of public schools. They each had similar rules, but they all had the same unspoken rule: girls like boys and boys like girls. I remember whispering to my friends about my secret crush and we would all giggle about it. But I always remember feeling uncomfortable after our chats. Why do I need a crush? What if I want to be friends with him? Can't I like girls too? It wasn't until I discovered these books (and other resources) that I thought to myself "holy moly ... i don't think i'm straight". 

sixteen & alive

*dusts off the cobwebs* HELLO BOOKAHOLICS! Remember me?! Good old Anna who loved YA books and wouldn't shut up about them? Yeah, I'm back. ­čśś My December hiatus went on much longer than I expected it to, but don't worry, I'm back for good.

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