Aug 25, 2018

an interview with abby from story-eyed!

Today is a very exciting day on annaish! I recently interviewed the amazing blogger Abby, in honor of her new blog, Story-Eyed! A big THANK YOU! goes out to Abby for the wonderful opportunity and for letting me use her photos. 💙 Enjoy bookaholics!
photo credit goes to abby @ story-eyed

ANNA: As a friend and dedicated reader of Ups & Downs, I’m really excited for you and your future at Story-Eyed! What should we expect from Story-Eyed?

ABBY: You can expect my mission and beliefs as to why I write play in the background so strongly. I believe in highlighting stories which portray good and evil clashing, and highlighting the gray areas which emerge from such conflict. Often overlooked, if not untold, narratives lie in these areas, and from this we can perceive depth and complexity of a situation. I hope by writing stories and by actively sharing these beliefs on Story-Eyed that readers can think, brainstorm, and gain understanding from the different perspectives surrounding them. Content wise, it's a lot similar to what I've been writing on Ups & Downs-- a lot of thought and adventure posts-- but there will be some writing and college advice posts, as well as several post series which will touch strongly on the blog's foundation.

ANNA: The change must be hard though. What’s something you'll miss from Ups & Downs?

ABBY: One of the things I'll miss is the innocence present in my posts, especially during the first three years of blogging. A lot of older posts act as recaps for certain events in time, whether it's naming and drawing faces on eggs for the egg drop or having an awkward stand-off with a seven foot senior as a four-foot something freshman. It's bizarre to look back at these posts and some old beliefs as a time capsule and see yourself change. Everything was brand new! While the novelty of a new blog will still exist and while I will be experiencing new adventures, the exact wide-eye spirit from twelve-year-old me won't be there. And I find that a bit sad.

ANNA: You've been a constant blogger for many years! How do you stay inspired?

ABBY: Inspiration arises from new experiences and interactions I have with the world and others. As individuals, we are constantly absorbing everything, and this sense of absorption is heightened when a person experiences "firsts"-- first dance, first graduation attended, or the first time discovering how culture connects to an identity. That's where a lot of it garnered. I'm also thankful to grow up in a place which allows me to interact with people from all walks of life who also allow peeps into their cultures because it allows me to connect, brainstorm, and understand ideas. There's always something new everyday. Whether it's visiting another country or meeting someone new, diversity IS the spice of life. It does awaken the muse.

photo credit goes to abby @ story-eyed

ANNA: You’re very artistic with your photography and writing. Do you have a strict or go-with-the-flow creative process?

ABBY: My process is a mix of both, but it leans more towards the latter. I need to have a solid foundation of what I'm doing and a general outline of where the story is going to go. Otherwise, my mind gets boggled and I can't focus. A lot of it is classifiable as go-with-the-flow in regards to the details, which spur up in the moments I am actively writing or creating (such as this video I made for my senior statement). Also, once my outline is finished, I'll write scenes based on which one I'm feeling strongly to write about that day. If I want to write witty comedic banter, I won't write down a sob scene even if it chronologically comes next.

ANNA: I know you've been blogging for a long time. How has the blogosphere changed in your eyes? 

ABBY: Oh, WOW. Besides new people and new blogs emerging all the time, there has been a subtle shift from creating to sharing. When I first joined, it was all about creating, presenting, and perfecting one's craft with the dilemma of not wanting to fall into a crowd mentality. There was an appetite for individualism alongside fruitful discussions and personal essays. Now, it's more focused on sharing how to help people in craft. If someone needs help on how to write characters, there are a ton of articles on that. Both sides of blogging have their negative and positive points-- whether it's changed for the better or worse, I don't know. As for the book blogging community specifically, specifically: I used to be a part of a Goodreads teen blogger group. Watching the lead reviewers change and become more vocal in issues, whether it's #ownvoices or the politics behind ARCs, has been refreshing.

ANNA: To wrap things up on a bookish topic, what’s your favorite book so far this year?

ABBY: In terms of what I've read this year, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley! It's a gothic horror novel-- a complete one-eighty from the genres I read-- but I'm enjoying it. In terms of releases from this year, I ADORE Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. If you haven't read it, go do yourself a favor and do it right now!

Thank you so much Abby! I wish you the absolute best at Story-Eyed. 💙 Readers, please check out Story-Eyed and Abby's social medias!


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