Sep 28, 2018

the good and the bad: book to movie adaptations

I'm on a movie BUZZ right now. I'm currently taking a film class and all I do is watch/analyze movies (i've only read 40+ books this WHOLE year... who am i...). Because of the class, I'm starting to branch out and watch different movies/genres, buuuuut I'll always go back to my roots: book to movie adaptations. I have seen a LOT of book to movie adaptations and, like any bookaholic, I have my "bookish checklist" and mediocre expectations. AND I KNOW NO ONE ON TWITTER WANTED THIS but too bad sweeties !!! it's movie time. 😘

Sep 5, 2018

the soft f/f insta-love(ish) stories you deserve!!

Okay so I know the insta-love trope is controversial in the book community but heAR ME OUT. I used to despise insta-love. I found the trope super cheesy and cliche. I mean, I used to gag when the characters looked "deeply into each other's eyes" or roll my eyes when they met an hour ago and still kissed under some tree. However, insta-love has grown onto me and, if it's done really well, I'll enjoy it (especially if it's gay). Character development am I right?