Sep 5, 2018

the soft f/f insta-love(ish) stories you deserve!!

Okay so I know the insta-love trope is controversial in the book community but heAR ME OUT. I used to despise insta-love. I found the trope super cheesy and cliche. I mean, I used to gag when the characters looked "deeply into each other's eyes" or roll my eyes when they met an hour ago and still kissed under some tree. However, insta-love has grown onto me and, if it's done really well, I'll enjoy it (especially if it's gay). Character development am I right?

Anyway, I have compiled five 👩‍❤️‍👩 insta-love(ish) YA books for your precious self-care. They all have happy endings and no queers are killed off. You can thank me later!

Note: "MC" means main character and "LI" means love interest

Summer of Salt by Katrina Leno

I found this book through bookstagram and, gosh, I am so glad. I fell in love with Summer of Salt by the second chapter. It's one of those books where you feel like you're in the story. The MC, Georgina, is like "the local island lesbian" but she's also super responsible and would DIE for her sister. Her LI was kinda queer/questioning throughout the whole book but Georgina was very understanding and didn't force her into a label or relationship. Now, the book does focus on Georgina's love life but there are dark, difficult scenes to read (see trigger warnings). Summer of Salt isn't 100% fluff but it's gay and an important read so maybe give it a try?

KEY WORDS: Magical realism (WITCHES!!), old island traditions, whimsical, Wes Anderson vibes, girls supporting girls, UNDERRATED, and birds
LINKS: Amazon, Goodreads, Website, Twitter
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Rape and animal abuse

Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli

Missing the Love, Simon gang? Feeling down? Leah on the Offbeat is your book. Leah is my bi, sarcastic queen !!! She'll seem like this tough, Doc Martens kinda gal but, deep down, all she wants is a girlfriend. This book is so funny and your heart will melt by the end because it's THAT soft. However, there is one (1) scene that's controversial and can be harmful to LGBTQ+ readers (see trigger warnings). As a biromactic asexual, the scene only made me uncomfortable but I know it could be a lot harmful to others. Otherwise than that, Leah on the Offbeat will make your day 10x better!

KEY WORDS: Cute contemporary, relatableeeee, pop culture references galore, senioritis, YA BOOK FANART, and a girl band
LINKS: AmazonGoodreadsWebsiteTwitter
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Racism (challenged), anti-fat remarks, and biphobia (the scene: MC says to LI that their sexuality isn't valid due to their past actions/relationships)

Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

Everything Leads to You is a very special book. Why? Well, a) it's written by the one and only Nina LaCour !!!!! b) so aesthetically pleasing i almost cried and c) this book sparked my love for film. After reading this book, I started watching more movies and I legit joined a film class (which is AMAZING BY THE WAY). To make a long story short, I would die for this book. SO the MC, Emi, is on her way to become a professional set designer but she struggling to get over her ex. Emi and her friend then discover this letter from their favorive Hollywood star and it launches into this great mystery!!! The LI is all very mysterious but it creates this wonderful slow-burn. So yeah, Everything Leads to You is perfect and you need to read it.

KEY WORDS: California contemporaryyy, if u love movies and girls this is your calling, aesthetic, and reading this book is like watching a movie its amazing
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Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

Queens of Geek? More like Queens of FLUFF. Seriously, this book is so pure and fun to read !!! It's about three Australian friends going to a fandom convention (think: Comic-Con). There are actually two MCs, Charlie and Taylor. Charlie is chinese and bisexual, where Taylor is heterosexual and has autism. Both girls are WONDEFUL narrators and I loved them. Throughout the whole book, Charlie knows she is 100% bi but she's sorta in the closet (due to the press and her own anxieties). And yes, she'll have a romantic relationship with another girl but the book is truly about Charlie and her own struggles. Charlie spoke to me on a different level and her bi rep made me more confident about my own sexuality.

KEY WORDS: Nerdy contemporary, ball of sunshine, FANDOMS REFERENCES, wholesome, fantastic friendships, and #LoveOzYA
LINKS: AmazonGoodreadsWebsiteTwitter
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Semi-forcible outing

That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K Johnston

I did some reading on That Inevitable Victorian Thing, because I haven't read it in AGES, and I guess the three MCs are in a polyamorous relationship? So, I'm sorry for the slight clickbait but I think this is great!!! I mean, name THREE young adult books with a polyamorous relationship. Yeah... that representation is rare in YA books. We support and love polyamorous relationships in this household! Anyway, this book blew my mind when I first read it. That Inevitable Victorian Thing is set in a future where multi-cultural diversity was revered, colonialism didn’t happen, and Queen Victoria I had an heir. The story is very intricate but super entertaining. There are three MCs (Margaret, August and Helena) and they all were three dimensional and unique! AND the diversity is so here in this book. Please read this book !!!

KEY WORDS: Sci-fi, that victorian history/aesthetic, princess undercover, train rides in the countryside, and swimming under the sunset
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Heya bookaholics! I have a film paper to write so I'm logging off for the day. What's your fave F/F couple? I just heard the news about Bubbline and I SCREAMEDDD. 


  1. YESSSS THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. <3 I haven't read a lot of books featuring gay or bi female leads which is actually really sad. I did read Leah On The Offbeat and I also read We Are Okay by Nina LaCour which was SO GOOD. I think that might have to be one of my favorites- I love Marin and Mabel so much. <3

    We stan soft insta-lovey books.

    xx Kenzie |

    1. Aw no problem <333 Sadly, gay/bi female leads aren't easy to find so I tried my best !! I also loved Marin and Mabel sooo much. My girls <333

      Of course!!

  2. Everything Leads to You is suuuuch a beautiful book, I loved every moment of it. I need to get to Nina LaCour's most recent release though; I haven't had a chance to. Great post. Added some books to my list. :D

    1. I knooow I loved ELTY so much. We Are Okay is also really good. The book tackles grief and it's very emotional. :,) I hope you enjoy the books !!

  3. Yesss these all sound so cute! Just put like all of them on hold at the library haha.

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. They are!! That's amazing, thank you Nabila. <3

  4. Oh my gosh yesss these sound so cute!! Just put like all of them on hold haha.

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl