about anna

waddup this is my face

Here are a few basic things you should know about me and my blog:


• My blog is mostly about YA books. I write reviews, host roundups, and collab with other bloggers. When I leave my house, I sometimes blog about my experience and share photos.  

 Hate, racism, misogyny, ableism, homophobia, islamophobia, transphobia, and bigotry isn't tolerated on annaish. annaish is a safe space for all.

• If you're looking for Weeza's Journal, A Curious Pisces, Peppermint Cat, or The Impossible- you're in the right place! annaish is my newest creation. 

• Yes, I still use Blogger. Wordpress is the devil and I won't ever transfer my blog over there. If you're looking aesthetic Blogger templates, try BloggerTemplate or GBML.

• I have a bad habit of disappearing from the internet without saying anything. Sometimes I get too sad to write or I'm actually super busy. Sorry in advance but don't worry about me!


• I'm an introverted 16 y/o student (gen z!!!) and I have purple hair.

• I use the she/her pronouns and identify as biromantic asexual uwu.

• I'm a pisces, INFJ, and ravenclaw. Also super duper anxious.

• I'm currently volunteering at my library (aka my second home) and taking art classes.

• My humor is 40% dry sarcasm and 60% memes.

• I love pineapple pizza, artsy fartsy films, lo-fi music, gardens, outer space, art history, and Vines very much.

I think that's everything! The best way to learn more about me (and my blog) is to read my blog posts lmao. Anyway, thank you for checking out my tiny space on the internet! I hope you stick around.

this page was last updated 8/25/18