about anna

this drawing was commissioned by clara (hatepotion)

she/her - pisces - infj - ravenclaw - feminist

Heya! My name is Anna (if it wasn't obvious enough lmao) and I'm the author behind good old annaish. I'm an awkward 16 year-old blogging from the midwest. If I'm offline, there's a good chance I'm drawing, volunteering or sleeping. If you continue reading my blog (because you totally will right??) please keep in mind that I'm sarcastic (my humor is 40% dry sarcasm and 60% vines ((i'm so sorry))) and that I won't shut up about how we need more diverse books and libraries. Speaking about my blog...

Here on annaish, I specifically blog about YA books. I host discussions, make roundups, and write reviews. I sometimes share more personal, photography posts but that rarely ever happens because I really don't have a social life. I'm currently in the process of making my blog more accessible for people with disabilities, but I do include trigger warnings in my reviews. 

Thank you so much for exploring my little part of the internet! Love y'all. <3

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