email faq

Please read the following before you email me:

• If you have a quick question or book recommendation for me, DM me instead of emailing me. I'm quick with DMs on Twitter and Instagram. Casual conversations are okay through DMs. 

• If you have a technical problem with my site, please comment on the newest blog post or email me. Describe the problem thoroughly in your message (or show visual proof) and I'll try to fix the problem ASAP.  

• If you want to use my photo(s), DM/email me which photos you want to use and where/how you're using them. Giving me proper credit is very important!

• If you want to collab (or interview me) with me, the best way to reach me is email. Pitch me your idea and, hopefully, we can work something out.

• If you're looking for a guest post-er, I'm your gal. Email me the details and I'll let you know my thoughts.

• If you want to professionally collaborate with me, please read my 'services' page for more details.

• And, finally, if you want me to read and review your book, please read my 'services' page for more details.

Thank you for reading the guidelines above! My email is:

this page was last updated on 8/25/18