Jul 3, 2014

todaY and tomorroW

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Hey Guys! I just want to talk today. Yes just talk... I need to talk about my favorite TV. Its Once upon a time!!!! I am going crazy waiting for it in the fall.

Its about fairy tales characters who get cursing to the real world and try to get back but meet others challenges. I love it so much<3. What is your favorite TV show? So today I played with Bella and... wait... you guys don't know who Bella is. Sorry! Bella is a dog that a dog-sit and walk. ( She can be a diva sometimes...) She got a ear problem ... She was pretty crazy today but a got some photos of her.

I started a dog walking business this summer and her owner gave me some people to see. Wait a sec... CAKE! Not kidding! cake is on my desk! Thanks Mom<3  

Yummy... Back on track... 4 for July is tomorrow! Parade photos tomorrow! And maybe some photos of my outfit! 

Write You Later,

P.S~ Songs listening to We Are One, Summer, Am I Wrong.

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