Aug 24, 2014

Haters gonna hate

Hello Everybody! Today post is about bullies and haters.

I joined this new website called PicCollage. I thought you make collages and share and chat. Right? Like every social media site. But no. PicCollage has haters and bullies everywhere. Pages about people collages everywhere. I'm thinking about leaving. This social media is a mess. But I don't stop there. Two blogs are going to stop posting for a bit. Because of haters and bullies (I'm not going to name the blogs) People are scared.

I'm reading some blogs who are scared of starting high school or middle school because of bullies and haters and because they have been home-schooled there whole life. This is a mess. Our world is turning in to haters. Everywhere. I feel like crying . I'm not getting
hated. People are.

Listen to this song.   
Totally right.  

People are posting this on there PicCollage page to stop chain mail.
If you are getting hated or bullied check out some of this sites.




  1. I love the Taylor Swift song! :)

  2. Good post! You're right it's wrong. You can't do anything without being bullied and hated!
    Kat//(Almost) Completely Mad
    P.S Love Shake It Off! Go Taylor:)

  3. How True! It's so sad that people even feel the need to be bullies. It may be because they're just plain mean, but sometimes it's a much deeper issue. I've had haters on my blog before, and trust me, it's not fun. I'm so glad your speaking out about this subject, and I love how awesome our girl blogger community is. I know I would stick up for any of you if someone was being mean on your blogs. I love how even though we are all miles away, we still look out for each other. :)

  4. ugh. i hate bullying and everything that goes with it. if you think you should leave PicCollage, do it. i had the Studio app all last fall and winter and had a ton of followers/'friends' and was having so much fun designing things but i deleted it this spring. people were making edits targeting each other and leaving comments with suggestive themes and would only 'like' your stuff if i always hit like on theirs... it was just stressing me out. all i wanted to do was have fun and design stuff. it can be really really hard. i recently wrote a post letting out some steam about a negative personal remark that was made behind my back that i overheard (whcih reminds me... i finally got the award post done).
    have an awesome day :)

    1. Thanks Abigail:) (I saw your post about the award)