Nov 16, 2014

Interview with Noor


Hey Guys! Today is an interview day!
I got a chance to chat with the awesome Noor over at My Amazing Life Being 10! We had a blast doing this together and we have a lot in common, like we are both fangirls :)

Anyway, to the questions.
Here is what Noor had to say about a few things I asked her:

1. Do you you have a pet?
 No, unfortunately I do not. 

2. On your blog, I read that you go to public school. Is your blog popular at your school or a class?
Actually, none of my friends or classmates know I have a blog. Only my parents, parents friends, and aunts and uncles know I have a blog. 

3. You are super busy! Does your family help you with your blog? 
Yes, my mom helps me when I am stuck on a sentence which is very helpful! My dad also checks over the writing to make sure it looks okay!

4. How do you do it all, Noor? With school and blogging?
Well, since I've just gone into middle school, my parents and I have developed a schedule to manage my time so that helps me out a lot. :) 

5. If you can... Books or Movies?
Oh books all the way. Reading just takes me into another land where I can sit peacefully. Unless the book isn't going very peacefully, then we have a problem. :) 

6. If you are stuck on a island and all you have is a book about palm trees, three bottles of water, a rope and a broken cell phone. What would you do?
Well, first I would learn about Palm trees, how they can be used. I would use the wood from the trees to build a raft, then I would some how build oars and swim to safety. The rope would be used to latch on to a nearby boat. 

7. What is your favorite pie?
Hmmm, definitely Apple pie.

8. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging to tell the world all about me and fun things that they can do too. 

9. Are you a talker or a walker?
Talker. I can yap on for hours on end. 

10. To finish up my pretty odd questions, What do you love the most?
I love the people who support me the most. Family, friends and of course you guys!

I love your answers Noor, keep blogging girl! 
To wrap this up if you are interested, we can do an interview together! Yes, you're reading this! Just email me (at the bottom of blog). Big thanks to Noor for making this work.

- June


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  2. What a wonderful interview! I love learning more about my fellow bloggers. :)
    Amy xx

  3. Me, you and Noor have a lot in common. I would love to do an interview. I have my own blog.

    1. Awesome, Emily! Checking out your blog!