Dec 27, 2014

Christmas Recap

+ not my to call +

Ah, Christmas was just perfect, this year. Staying with my family then going to see others. I truly love, Christmas. The taste, the love and the warmth and eating candy for breakfast. I hope you had a safe and warm Christmas. ^-^ 
Today, I'm sharing what my Christmas was like.
Us children came down the stairs and waiting for the parents, (and watching "How to Train Your Dragon") I love the movie! I wanted a "Whispering Death" for Christmas, in my dreams and... *coughs* Back to the story-line. Lights turn on in the living room and smiles started to come, it's CHRISTMAS! Running to a tree and sharing our gifts, it's perfect! (I'm not going to share my gifts because that is (going) to be in a Christmas haul), eek! Now the, best part! >-<

The day was turning to night. But, our parents have a gift to share with us. A secret drive it was. Watching "Yo Gabba Gabba- A Awesome Christmas" (that was less awesome) and waiting, waiting and waiting. Then we pull in to... a family Christmas party!  
This year, we were not going to go this party. but, surprised, surprised! 
Me and my cousins, group hug! I love my cousins, friends! to my death. but, they are not huge fans of the lotr nor hobbits. *sad face* Anyway, to playing elf's to heads-up, it's PERFECT! Well, no snow was a problem... kind-of! 

Shout-out to my cousins with love, Jackiee, Gabby and Emily!

(Today. I'm going to a another Christmas party! Eek!)


  1. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! x

  2. Your Christmas sounds lovely! :D
    How to Train Your Dragon,I love that movie. :)
    Enjoy your party:)

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Thanks Neal! (In the How To Train Your Dragon 2, It's was just, just perfect. You agree?)

    2. I think 2nd part was even better than the 1st :D
      "Alpha protects them all" how cool was that scene when Toothless stands upto the bad dragon :D
      I was so freaking out watching that! :P

    3. Yeahhhh! That was the best scene, ever. Just, yes, yes and yes.

  3. It sounds like a wonderful Christmas! ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  4. What a wonderful Christmas!
    I love your blog! <3

  5. I didn't get to see my Norwegian cousins till yesterday but we still managed to have a mini party. Hope you had a great Christmas!

    Emily ^_^

    1. Norwegian cousins!? Cool! I had a awesome Christmas, did you?

  6. I'm absolutely loving your blog!
    Can you please follow mine at ?
    thankyou so much ♡