Dec 31, 2014


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Guys, Cheers to new year! *take a breath before goes crazy* Hey! Like every month I share my old goals and new goals for the month. I'm going to add some old, baby memories of the blog and everything about that. Enjoy. ^-^

December Goals-

1. Watch the Hobbit's - Yeah! I watched The Battle Of Five Armies in a theater! I talked with this girl about "so-and-so" death and that started a whole conversation. Which is amazing because she amazing and moving on.
2. Have a winter sleepover/ party- MWAH. Party with my cousins is coming to your feed soon. 
3. Drawing - Yes! I started drawing and painting a whole lot more then November. Chang-Chang. 
4. Do room-tour- Video or pictures?
5. 38 new friends?- I'm so blessed. thank you for reading and just, just making everything amazing for me. Guys, keep living with power.  
6. Do a winter photo-shoot- Fail. this winter has been kind-of warm? No snow, no photo-shoot.
7. Get my new design - Has you can see, nope.
8. Clean up around my blog- Almost done! Check out the new, clean pages. That would be nice.
9. Bake!- Again, fail.
10. Starting writing my novel- Still planing out the novel.

January Goals-
1. Read, The Lords Of The Rings and Hobbit.
2. Start guesting posting more.
3. Keep drawing.
4. 44 new friends?
5. Start caring more about my skin and health.
6. Keep up with reading.
7. Learn guitar.

We are NOT done yet! For the new year I'm going to share my favorites posts.



+ not my to call +

happy new year eve. keep being 


  1. Hmm, yes.............. I agree with you for MOST of the favourite posts. Oh, and for the goal `start guest posting more' I tell you right now that you are welcome to do a guest post on my blog anytime.

    Emily ^_^ //

  2. Just found your blog! Happy New Year! :) xoxo

  3. What lovely goals! I need to start taking better care of my skin, too, no matter what I try it is still horrible :/
    Happy New Year!
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  4. I wanna watch Hobbit : Battle of Five Armies, there won't be any show left for me to watch by when I'm done with my exams T_T.
    Cool cat gif image :D
    Happy New Year :)

    1. ._.
      I'm truly, sorry that you can't go see BOFA. Happy 2015!

  5. Great post! Happy New Year, June. 2014 was a great year because I became friends with you!


    1. Aw, thank you Noor. You truly, make me SMILE! :)

  6. HAHA. I was like, who is "this girl?" And then I laughed my head off.

    Love ya, June! I hope your 2015 is as beautiful as I wish it to be. <3


  7. Happy new year, June!


  8. Need to read Lord of the Rings :)