Dec 9, 2014

The Countdown to 2015 Tag


Hey Guys! I got tagged by Emily for the The Countdown to 2015 Tag! (that's a mouthful!) She writes over at Preteen Dork, we did a interview together too. Anyway, thank you Emily for tagging me and let's get started!


1) List 1-10 things that you can't wait till 2015. 
2) Answer the questions that the person (who tagged you) their questions.
3) Set some of your own questions.
4) Tag 4-5 people and with a link to their blogs.

Things that I can't wait for 2015:
1. New Year's!
2. My birthday!
3. The new cast and new season of Dancing with the Stars!
5. Finding Dory. (The Nemo Sequel)

Emily's Questions:
1.What is your favorite month?
Answer: Um. Maybe May or March? That's kind of hard, to me.
2.What is your favorite day of the week?
Answer: Monday.
3.How old will you be at the end of 2015? 
Answer: I will not share that info. For private needs, sorry!

I Tag:

My Questions:

1. What do you do on New Years?
2. Do you have a main goals for 2015, if so what is it?
3. Are you going to take up for New Years?
4. (Odd question) Do you believe in ghosts? Boo!

Have fun!

- June


  1. Thanks so much for doing this!
    P.S Sorry if question 3 was a bit too private.
    Emily xxx