Feb 4, 2015

Be thankful (not just for thanksgiving)

My mom was making me and my siblings lunch the one day. (My dad bought some lemonade for himself a day ago). I ask "Mom, can I have some of dads lemonade?" Mom said "Nope, it's your father's" My brother said "What does dad get the lemonade?" My mom said "Your father bought it for him, it's his little treat." - "He's the one who gets up in the morning and comings home at dark." My other brother said "Yeah! He works to get us this food, silly!" I stop listening and thought, My father works his butt off to feed my family, clothes, shelter!  I should be thankful for what I have.
Today is not thanksgiving, we people should be thankful for what we have. Now, some people have more things than others. Who are having trouble, surviving this world. But, everyone should be thankful are what they have. Go hug your parents and your siblings (if you any) and live with thanks. Someone gave you a chance to live and you have one try. Go and live the right way.

*Virtual Fist Bump*


  1. Aw, this is a really inspirational and important post.
    -Emily ♥
    My Life as a pre teen dork

  2. So true. It's crazy, the idea of Thanksgiving and Black Friday side by side, because you just had a day where you were thankful for all that you had, and then, BAM there is a shopping frnzy to get all of the things you wanted and don't have.

    xoxo Morning

  3. This is such a great story to remind myself to be thankful. Thank you for sharing ♥♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  4. This is so inspirational June! I have probably read this post like 5 times and then I realized that I haven't written a comment yet. WHAT. I totally agree that we should be grateful so whenever I think about buying something, I think to myself: I don't NEED this, I already have so much! But anyways, fabulous post!

    a little bit of sunshine

  5. Great post! Really made me think, amd as we don't eeven have Thanksgiving - I never have a day to just stop and appreciate. :)

    *virtual fist bump*

    - Lexie | What Lexie Loves | www.whatlexieloves.blogspot.com