Mar 10, 2015

Songs that should be on the radio.

I love Spotify. I love YouTube. I hate the radio. Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry etc. I'm super sick of that. That's why I turn to Spotify and YouTube. In my opinion, these are the songs that should be on the radio or songs that I love at the time. ;)

Hozier covers Ariana Grande's Problem in the Live Lounge.

Hozier is amazing. He slayed this. No words describe this masterpiece.

Hozier, Annie Lennox - Take Me to Church / I Put a Spell on You (Medley) (57th GRAMMYs)

Again, Hozier. But, this is amazing! Bravo. Bravo.

Charli XCX covers Taylor Swift's Shake It Off in the Live Lounge

In the comments people were like, "she ruined this song" -"boo"- "this cover is just horrible"- etc.
I think it's pretty good!   

Blank Space // Style (Taylor Swift Mash-Up) - Louisa Wendorff

I know I said I was sick of Taylor. But, this is not Taylor right? Anyway, this mash-up is awesomeness.

Clean Bandit cover Lorde's Royals in the Live Lounge


I think this band is pretty awesome. Cello, piano, violin, drums and singers. This will be stuck in your head. It's super catchy!

I think that's it! :) 

What's songs should be on the radio? Hozier is amazing? Right? Hater of the radio?  

- June


  1. I love these songs, that Taylor swift mash up definitely needs to be on the radio.Your new blog design is amazing by the way, I only just saw it today but wow I love it. I love the header so much and the new name, just everything.

    1. I know! Why, thank you! I try my best. :)

  2. Hi June. loving the new blog name and design. Your posts weren't showing up in my feed so I unfollowed and then followed again, so hopefully I'll receive your new posts in my feed from now on. I think it's because you changed the Url. But anyway, I love these songs, the Taylor Swift mashup should definitely be on the radio, it's just epic. I'd love to hear these songs on the radio.

    1. Hi Star Girl-
      Oh-oh! Thanks for telling me this info. I'll be doing some research on this, thanks again!

  3. These definitely should be on the radio ♥ (especially the last one)

  4. Sweet, will check these out but LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!! XD

  5. I love these! The taylor swift style//blank space mash up is AWESOME.

  6. I believe that some of the "music" I hear on the radio nowadays oughn't even be considered music.

    Covers, acoustic versions and older songs really are the best!!

    By the way, my mum recently purchased Spotify Premium - I hope she's appreciating the quietness...

    Kate x

    1. Yes! Yes! Lucky! I have the Spotify free. Haha!

  7. I honestly thought I was one of the only people who thought this! :) Thanks for proving me wrong.
    I don't have a problem with the radio, but just the fact that they replay the same songs tens of times on every different 'channel'. There are plenty of old songs, plenty of covers which are just as good (if not better). This was such a great post! I loved the Taylor Swift mash-up, and Clean Bandit covered 'Royals' really, really well!

    x, Yasmine ( Cloudy Dreams blog )