Sep 19, 2015

What Lies Within

Disclosure:  I was sent this book for free from Mr James Morris.  
All opinions and words are my own.

“She recalled Matthew’s warning to her, seemingly so long ago. “You’re in danger,” he’d said. And she realized with horrifying clarity: I’m not in danger. I am the danger.”
 ― James Morris, What Lies Within

“You’re going to die”

"Shelley Marano is an ordinary, unexceptional high school senior…until the day she receives a cryptic text message, and her world tilts sideways. Now she’s in real danger, although she doesn’t know who would want her dead, or why. As she starts to unravel the mystery, the truth about who she really is proves to be more frightening than she ever imagined. With the lives of her and her friends hanging in the balance, one thing is certain":

"Nothing will ever be the same."

Such a page turner mystery!

What Lies Within introduces a teenager girl named Shelley. She has a friend Winston and a likable father, a rather typical life. Shelley receives a text message and.... her life is changed. Seems drastic but it does happen! Page after page Shelley is trying to connect the pieces to a mystery. I enjoyed the focus of the mystery but there was a little romance and gossip yet the mystery embraced Shelley. 

I didn't like...
There was a great deal of killing and fighting. I understand the violence connected to the mystery yet a little large for my taste. I recommend this book for at least a fourteen year old due to the killing. Limited romance existed yet one scene had a reaction ...  

   A little much. 

Overall, the book focuses on the mystery, is fast paced, and contains well written characters. What Lies Within is not my typical reading book but it was interesting to open a door to a different style. :)


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  1. Great review! Very thoughtful. I love the romance reaction!

  2. The romantic GIF reaction is just hilarious! It seems like my kind of book... But I'm currently on a book fast, so I can't read this until Febuary.

    xoxo Morning