Oct 23, 2015

Blogtober: A Letter To My 18-Year-Old Self [Day Twenty One]

Dear Anna,

Eighteen, are you now? How is it to be an adult? Do you have a job? Are you living by yourself? Do you have a boyfriend yet? Are you driving? Please tell me that you don't drink or smoke. How's the family? Are you talking to your cousins? You should be. How are the siblings? Is Henry still living on peanut butter? Does Owen have confidence? Is Aaden still a little monkey? (or brat...) Is Emma doing well? How about little Eliza? Please tell me that your still going to see her grave. How about Adelle? Are you friends still? How's Mom? Is her hair gray yet? I wouldn't be surprised. How's Dad? Did you watch the Lord Of The Rings again with him? Do so! Speaking of... how is Karen and Erika? I hope that you're still reading books and going to the library. I know that's a yes. But the real question is... how are you dear? I'm writing this letter to you on October 23th, 2015. Dan and Phil aren't dating, yet. Grandma is in the hospital and Hope is 12 weeks. I haven't met any authors. I'm not an author, yet. Sorry. I'm reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue and SIX OF CROWS. I was fangirling in the library when I found it. Speaking... are you still a fangirl? Please tell me yes. Is The Raven Boys still part of your life? How about The Lunar Chronicles? I hope so. I'm on Instagram and I have 188 followers, are you still doing Instagram or photography? I'm still blogging, are you? I'm writing this letter on my blog! Well dear.. I hope you still love yourself and that you look in the mirror... you see a beautiful, creative and confident woman. That's what I see now and I hope forever.

I love you.

[Don't cry! :')] 

See you soon,



  1. Your writing style is so chipper and just reading this made me smile. I hope your future self will, too.

    x Yasmine