Nov 29, 2015

A Little Yarn Blossom's 2nd Birthday Celebration! [PRIZES + SCAVENGER HUNT]

Happy Birthday to A Little Yarn Blossom! Bryleigh is the author of ALYB and is downright fabulous. I have gotta say... congrats Bryleigh for making it so far with your blog and thank you for helping me with my blog! You're such a great blogger and friend. It's time to party with Bryleigh my friends!
Join us with a scavenger hunt, cake, prizes and cake. Did I say cake?


- For this blog birthday dash, we are celebrating with a scavenger hunt.
- The clues are posted on the rafflecopter widget. You'll follow the clues to earn points, which you will keep track with the rafflecopter widget we will have posted on each of our blogs. 
- We will determine the winners in five-ish days. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


1st Place: May Designs Custom Notebook 
2nd Place: Custom Blogger Design from Nicole Rose Designs 
2nd Place: Hand Drawn Portrait from Ava 
3rd Place: Hand Knit Mittens from Jerneja 
3rd Place: Blog Review on Mackenzie's Blog 
3rd Place: $10 Amazon Gift Card from Anna [there's me!]

Enjoy this fabulous scavenger hunt and good luck!  

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  1. For the 2nd clue, what exactly AM I meant to leave a link too!


    1. Also for No.5 I could only put one link in, so the other two are:

      And I'm doing you for my other one: :)

      As I said to Lost in Translation, I'm rather in awe of you as well, you really inspire me! Your posts make me laugh so much, and I love it so much when a new post pops up in my feed! :)


  2. AH, this is such a FUN and CUTE idea!!! And, please, give me some CAKE!!! XD

    1. I know what you mean Erin! Here you are: *bows down* *gives you cake*

  3. Beautiful blog!