Mar 23, 2016

I met E.K. Johnston

Ahhh! I met E.K. Johnston. Hold me.

First, I met Marissa Meyer and now E.K. Johnston. Here's to my second book signing! Cheers! How did I get to this book signing? Good question my friend. My good friend, Karen, invited me to this book signing. How could I say no? Karen picked up her newest book: Exit, Pursued by a Bear and gave the book to me. I read Exit, Pursued by a Bear and I loved it! So let's fast-forward to the day of the book signing. I didn't take any pictures of the bookstore - sorry guys. But I can tell you that a) it's small b) super hot and c) very small. About ten people showed up. E.K. Johnston took questions and answered them. I didn't have any questions for her but I do know now that E.K. Johnston is a huge nerd! She loves Star Wars, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek. Plus, E.K Johnston has read The Wolves of Mercy Falls by Maggie Stiefvater. Ekkk!

 currently me

Then, Kate started signing books. I was nervous but I went up TO THAT TABLE AND GOT MY BOOK SIGNED GUYS. FYI: I'm a Star Wars fan so I totally saw her BB-8 scarf. I had the guts to tell her that I loved her scarf. Score. She thanked me and gave back my book. Here's what it says:

For Anna

Take direction 
Make direction

E.K. Johnston

Finally, we got a picture together.

February 2017

It's now February and I've met E.K. Johnston again! I decided just to add more pictures and details here than start another post. 

So me and my friend decided to go to this book signing because: a) to support her books and b) the bookstore. I swear, I'm not a stalker haha. She came back to my area for her two newest books, Spindle and Star Wars: Ahsoka. I've read Spindle but not Star Wars: Ahsoka.

Me and my friend first got dinner and talked for a while then drove over to the bookstore 10 minutes before book signing. We talked to the booksellers and basically fangirled over her books haha but then moved on to the book signing area.

To be con

Have you guys met E.K. Johnston? Have you read any of her books? Are you a Star Wars fan? 

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  1. YOU'RE SO LUCKY BECAUSE NO AUTHORS LIKE TO COME AND VISIT HERE :'( But so happy for you, ahhhhhh!

    xoxo Morning

  2. Wow!

    - Edie

  3. I have never met any authors, but I would definitely love too, some day!

  4. AM I A STAR WARS FAN! OF COURSE! And a BB-8 scarf is so cool...I wonder where she got that from. Meeting authors is so cool, and I definitely envy you. I haven't read anything by E.K. Johnston yet, but considering her love for all things nerdy, I may have to.

    ❤ Erin

    1. Hahaha, I know! Yeah... I wonder. You must read her books! She's a fabulous author.