May 17, 2016

R.I.P IT or SHIP IT Tag (Round 2!)

This tag may look familiar to you because I've done this tag before. This tag has gotta be one of my favorite tags here on Annaish and I've been wanting to do it again! I hope you all enjoy.


1. Write down the names of characters from different books on scraps of paper. You can do as many as you like. (I did 10 females and 10 males.)
2. Put them in a container of your choosing. 
3. Pull out two names at the same time and show them to your audience in whatever way you like.  
4. Decision time! Do you ship them or do you want their relationship to die a peaceful/painful death? 

Let's see...

Round 1.

Noah Shaw + Kady = I SHIP IT
Mara Dyer & The Illuminae Files

Noah is a relaxed and charming guy while Kady here has the guts and is a little snippy with people. It would be i-hate-you-but-i-may-love-you-???-i-dont-know-my-feelings-are-everywhere relationship, WHICH I LOVE. Ship.

Round 2.

Newt + Mare Barrow = I R.I.P IT
Maze Runner & Red Queen 

N ON O NO NOOO!!! BURN THIS SHIP TO THE GROUND!!! This relationship would never work. First off, SPOILER FOR THE WHOLE MAZE RUNNER SERIES (newt is dead?? i don't know why i picked newt... yikes...)  END OF SPOILER Then, Newt is MY fictional boyfriend soooo *awkward laugh* sorry Mare. OK SO my real(ish) reason that Mare's and Newt's personalities just wouldn't work together. Tsk.


Round 3.

Blue Sargent + Delilah Bard = MAYBE
The Raven Cycle & Shades of Magic

I don't exactly ship this but I don't exactly rip it. I feel like Blue and Delilah would have a flirty friendship. You get me?

Round 4.

Jason Grace + Richard Gansey III = I R.I.P IT
Heroes of Olympus & The Raven Cycle

I'm sorry but NOPE. These two are competitive and always wanting to win ... something. (???) NO I WANT THE DEAD WELSH KING NO I WANT TO STOP GAEA NO I WANT THAT COOKIE NO- 
I just can't see these two together man.

Round 5.

Hazel Levesque + Lola Nolan = I R.I.P IT
Heroes of Olympus & Anna and the French Kiss #2

Lola would freak out if she was just around Hazel. Why? Well, in my opinion, Lola freak out that Hazel is (one of) the daughter(s) of Hades (you know... THE GOD OF UNDERWORLD). Then, Lola would faint over her fashion style. Hazel would be like what the heck.

So. No.

this gif is me to reylo shippers

Round 6.

Josh + Ben Parish = Bromance 
Anna and the French Kiss #3 & The 5th Wave

Tsk tsk I'm thinking no? I'm pretty sure that Josh and Ben would be the dudes and have a close friendship but nothing romantic.


Round 7.

Kelsey Hayes + Hermione Granger = I R.I.P IT
The Tiger Saga & Harry Potter

Never in a million years. 

Hermione: Sooo you like tigers?
Kelsey: Yeah! Actually TWO tiger-men-guys are in love.... with me!
Hermione: what
Kelsey: what

Round 8.

Day + Prince Rhy = ???
Legend & Shades of Magic 

I can see this relationship in many ways. Bromance? Friends? Flirty friendship? (well with Rhy, yes) Marriage? WELP.

Round 9.

Iko + Agatha = I R.I.P IT
The Lunar Chronicles & Carry On 



Iko is a fun, loving and tough person android while Agatha is a brat. Ok so this relationship really won't work because a) Agatha is a brat b) I hate Agatha and c) Agatha can't even "like" someone.

Round 10.

Ron Weasley + Kaz Brekker = I R.I.P IT
Harry Potter & Six of Crows

I'm laughing right now because Kaz would probably kill Ron! Ha ha ok that's not really funny but I'm not exactly kidding. Kaz is semi-mass-murder and I LOVE HIM. *coughs* THIS IS GETTING VERY AWKWARD I'M SORRY. Kaz and Ron couldn't even get along because Kaz isn't very good with people and Ron would be like dead before lunch.

Hey guys! What's up? I'm currently reading Harry Potter and loving it. <3 Do you ship fictional characters from other books? Or movies? Or real people? (hint: me and thomas brodie-sangster could work!!) Let's chat about it.

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  1. I kind of like Jason and Gansey together... Maybe it's just because they're both from some of my all time favourite series, so it would be a dream of mine to see those worlds intertwine. Idk I feel like they'd look so good together! Even though we've never seen a physical representation of both of them, they're two really strong characters that I feel like would in some crazy way compliment each other. I'm clearly thinking way too far into this aren't I haha!

    1. I see what you mean, Emily! Jason and Gansey together could work. Haha, thanks for sharing!

  2. This game sounds like something I need to share with my fandom friends as soon as possible. xoxo