Dec 11, 2016

R.I.P IT or SHIP IT TAG (Round 3!)

I was planning on doing a winter book tag. I swear! But I wasn't impressed with the winter book tags out there. I really thought there would be some good winter book tags but I guess not. So I'm going back to my old roots and doing the R.I.P IT or SHIP IT tag .. for the third time. You're probably thinking: "wow anna you must really like this tag to be doing it for the third time!!" Yes, yes I do.


STEP ONE: Write down the names of characters from different books on scraps of paper. You can do as many as you like. (I did 6 females and 6 males)
STEP TWO: Put them in a container of your choosing. 
STEP THREE: Pull out two names at the same time and show them to your audience in whatever way you like.  
STEP FOUR: Decision time! Do you ship them or do you want their relationship to die a peaceful/painful death? 

Let the games begin.


Neville + Hanna = SHIP
Harry Potter and Gemina

Ok well, things are starting out really nicely here! I'm really into this pairing. Neville and Hanna both have had a lot of character growth which, because of their growth, gave them more confidence in themselves and their decisions. Neville can still be a little awkward but Hanna would be by his side if he needed help. Hanna can still freak out in tense situations but Neville would be right by her side for comfort. I don't know about you guys but I'm really feeling this pairing!


Cress + Wylan = SHIP
The Lunar Chronicles and Six of Crows

Oh my GOD - Wylan and Cress would be so cute together!! Just think: them cuddling up together on a couch, holding hands, watching a cheesy romantic movie. Cress putting her head on his shoulder and they fall aslee- THIS IS SUCH A CUTE PAIRING I CANNOT TAKE IT. 


Feyre + Nina = FRIENDSHIP
A Court of Thorns and Roses and Six of Crows

I'm kind of cheating here because I can't see Feyre and Nina in a romantic relationship but a friendship? Definitely! I can see them having a chat with some waffles and wine, of course, about feminism and the latest fashion trends.


Baz + June = FRENEMIES
Carry On and Legend

Cheating here again but talk about power! Baz and June together would be unstopping but ... is that a good thing? Baz is definitely sassy and June can get a little bossy so I can see some fights with these two. I feel like these two would be frenemies or something.


Nik + Rhysand = R.I.P
Gemina and A Court of Thorns and Roses

UM NO. Nik and Rhysand are very confident (and sarcastic) men and would probably end up in a fight over the last cookie. They would fight over everything in that matter. 


Ruby + Lester = R.I.P
The Darkest Minds and The Hidden Oracle 

You're probably thinking: "anna why did you pick a middle grade book and why, out of all middle grade books and charaters, lester papadopoulo??" Well, I felt like I needed to add a Rick Riordan character because they're all very unique and work perfectly in this tag. I kind of just threw in Lester because he's a really interesting character and *whispers* he's really funny in this scenarios. ANYWAY, this pairing wouldn't work because Ruby doesn't deserve Lester. she deserves liam

Hey bookworms! Are you on board (see what i did there) with the Cress and Wylan ship? How about Baz and June? Let's chat about it.

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  1. Baz and June definitely!! I can totally see that happening! I don't know enough about Cress to see if she'd be a good pairing for Wylan, but Wylan is just so awesome that I think anyone would be lucky to have him :D

    1. Cool! Yeah - Cress is from The Lunar Chronicles. She's such a sweet heart tho .. just like Wylan. <3

  2. This is such a fun tag!!! Baz and June together would just be so bad-ass and awesome :-)

    1. I know right?! I'm starting to think that those two would work now. :D

  3. Yeah, definitely don't see Baez and June together... and it's about time I read Six of Crows isn't it? Everyone raves about it but I admit I've been hesitant because I read the first book in the Grisha trilogy and wasn't much of a fan, honestly. What do you think?

    1. Yeah.. that pairing is a tricky one. YES YOU MUST READ SIX OF CROWS!! So I read Six of Crows before the Grisha trilogy and I totally got everything. Now, I've read the first book in the Grisha and, so far, I'm enjoying it but Six of Crows is better (in my opinion). Six of Crows gives off the same vibes as the Grisha but it's still really different. I say give it a try! :D