Aug 27, 2017

The Rapid Fire Book Tag

AHHHH! School is already on my nerves; and I know procrastination is right around the corner. Yikesss. But I'm here now, ready to share some questions and answers. It's tag time!

NOTE: I got this tag from Ellie @ On The Other Side of Reality! (give her a follow!! she's awesome) But the original creator is Kate @ GirlReading. Thank you!

eBook or Physical Book?

I'll take a physical book! I know it's better nowdays to read an eBook (to save the trees) but, I'm so used to physical books. And I really don't have an eBook platform to use.

Paperback or Hardback?

Paperbacks for reading (and making notes) and hardcovers to collect/show. Yeah, I'm a little picky haha.

Online or In-Store Book Shopping?

Online is my go-to because, sadly, I never have the time to shop at a local bookstore. But online is much cheaper so that's a plus!

Trilogies or Series?

TRILOGIES. It's really hard for me to stay 100% dedicated to a series. Sure, I still struggle with trilogies but it's (usually hahahahahhhhh) just three books. 

Heroes or Villains?

*cough* Villains *cough* OK LOOK. I'll be more intrigued in the villain because something made them an "evil" person. With heroes, we hear their problems and solutions throughout the book. Villains? Not really. So gimme more villain told stories! (please and thank you)

A Book You Want Everyone to Read?

Currently? Eliza and Her Monsters. This book contains my dreams, fears and hopes. Needless to say, it holds a special place in my heart.

Recommend an Underrated Book.

Dreamland Burning! The book is a unique, vibrant and modern-like historical fiction. It's about the Tulsa race riot; told by two teens in different time periods. And, the thing is, there was literally no hype for this book. Sure, it came out back in March but still - read it please.

What's the Last Book You Finished?

I am Princess X. I was 100% intrigued the whole time. (yay!!) I mean, it was a murder mystery. The book focused on a fantasy (or is it??) webcomic and included many friendships?! I was sold.

The Last Book You Bought?

Uhhh let me think. I usually run to the library if I need books, but I think I last bought the Exclusive Collector's Edition of Fangirl (at Target). I really love my copy; especially the fanart pages. I also bought some great clothes that day too!

Weirdest Thing You've Used as a Bookmark?

Probably something from my desk? Which has office materials, sticky notes, pens + pencils, washi tape, other books etc etc. I always use my bookmarks tho. I mean, I have over 20 so haha.

Used Books: Yes or No?

I probably won't take a used hardcover (i'll take a new one to show hehe) but I'll take a used paperback! It would be really cool if the book had handwritten notes too.

Top Three Favorite Genres

MAGICAL REALISM IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE GENRE. Then paranormal, fantasy contemporary, sci-fi etc etc to follow. But magical realism is always first. 

Borrow or Buy?

Borrow! Sure, I love buying my own books but I would rather support my local libraries. Speaking of which, I actually wrote a discussion on bookstores and libraries - you can read it here.

Characters or Plot?

The plot can be an eye-catcher but it's all about the characters for me. I need to connect/relate and understand the characters before I go into the plot. I have a much easier time if I feel attached to the characters! Otherwise, I don't care.

Long or Short Books?

Depends. I'm generally more attracted to a book if it has 300 some pages but !!! I would sell my soul for a longer edition of Carry On. And did we need those extra 200+ pages in The Unexpected Everything? I think the actual storytime matters more than the page length. It's all about balance.

Long or Short Chapters?

Again it depends. When I stop reading, I like to stop at a chapter rather than a paragraph. So, long or short chapters, I will still read for a few minutes or an hour just to get to a chapter. It's more satisfying to me.

Name the First Three Books You Think Of...

The Raven King (i miss the gang!!), The Secret History (it's literally right next to me) and More Happy Than Not (my current read). 

Books That Make You Laugh or Books That Make You Cry?

Laugh because I'll sometimes struggle to find humor in dialogue. People have different humor for different people so it's (again, sometimes) harder to connect. And the fact that crying is easy for me. I tend to be an emotion person so, if the character doesn't get their taco?!?! Then I will cry.

Our World or Fictional Worlds?


Audiobooks: Yes or No?

Sure! Although, I still need a physical copy of the book while the audiobook narrator reads it out loud (me?? still very visual person so i need something to look at). But audiobooks (the GOOD ones) can help me identify accents, if they're hinting something and/or flat-out helping me connect with the character because, well I can hear their voice.

Do You Ever Judge a Book By Its Cover?

Uhhh maybe?? *coughs* Yeah I do *coughs* Example: if there's a realistic person on the cover there is a very very very very very good chance I won't read that book.

Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptions?

Depends on the book/series! Like, I would cry if Illuminae actually became an awesome sci-fi movie (Brad Pitt?? get on this). It deserves a full length movie with it's already lengthy plot. But Six of Crows? TV show. It already has good "episode breaks"; although I'm not sure if I want Netflix to have ANY rights over the book anymore.

A Movie or TV Show You Preferred to its Book?

Hmmm. I don't have that many favorite book-to-movie/tv adaptations (i'm picky with faves), but I wouldn't mind watching The Book Thief again ... and crying. :,) I do have many book-to-movie/tv adaptations I want to watch! Like: The 100, Before I Fall, The Shannara Chronicles, A Monster Calls & more.

Standalones or Series?

I try to balance both but, right now, standalones are my jam. Series just take so much time and investment, where standalones are easier and quicker. 

Happy Monday bookaholics. <3 What are you reading? Do you prefer heroes or villains? Audiobooks: yes or no? Also I would love audiobooks recs! If you have any, leave a comment (with some fun answers)!

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  1. Great answers! I also prefer trilogies, villains, and I also judge the book by its cover :)

    1. Thank you, Tasya! I'm glad we agree. :D

  2. YES YES YES ELIZA AND HER MONSTERS ALL THE WAY and I'm the same with audiobooks, honestly-- I need to have something in front of me or I PANIC.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  3. You know, villains are done well they are just brilliant to read about. Villains and anti heroes all the way! And I actually prefer to buy from bookstores, basically just to support them! But I used to be super into books, but recently I've been loving physical copies. I just need to make room to accommodate. That's why the library is so great. Awesome tag, Anna!

    1. I agree! Ahhh I wish I could support my local bookstores more. :,) Thank you, Erin!