Please read my last post before reading this "about" page! The post might help answer your burning answers.

So, no more posts? Like ever? ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS?!

No more posts! You can unsubscribe from my emailing list, Bloglovin', and GFC feeds. And, yes, I am very confident in my decision haha. I've been working on GEN Z READS since October and I adore it. Blogging isn't for me anymore.

Okay but this new design... Anna, what happened?

I had to restart my design template because I couldn't access my old posts. With this new template, you and I can access my old posts much easier (the search bar, cloud labels, and the blog archive). I know, it isn't pretty but it works and is very user-friendly!

Got it. But I'm still not understanding this whole podcast thing. Is it like annaish but through audio?

Kinda! GEN Z READS is a bookish podcast for all readers. The podcast focuses on diverse YA books and how they affect today's youth. For season one, I plan reviewing YA books, hosting bookish discussions, and maybe even an author/blogger interview! And yep, I am the solo host and writer behind GEN Z READS.

Alright! How can I listen to the podcast and support you?

So glad you're on board. Here is the website for GEN Z READS. Episodes come out every Friday on SoundcloudRadioPublic, and Spotify (Google Play Podcasts is coming soon!). You can support the podcast by donating "coffees" through my Ko-Fi or share the podcast across social media OR rate/like the podcast on your preferred platform.

What if, um, I end up not liking your podcast?

I totally get it. It's new, different, and strange listening to someone else's voice. I'm still active on Book Twitter and Bookstagram so you can give me a follow there. I also still post written reviews through my Goodreads account, but my reviews are much shorter. Don't worry, I'll always be active on my bookish social media!

Help! My question wasn't answered! How can I contact you!?

If your burning question wasn't answered, you can send me your question in a DM through Twitter or Instagram. My email is now only used for business purposes. If you do have a business proposal for GEN Z READS, please read this page for more details.

Wait, where's your online library?

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